Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Historical Lessons

I’m not sure what’s worse: That Condi Rice is trying to fool us yet again into thinking that the pre-9/11 warnings of an imminent attack were merely “historical” in nature, or that Condi really could be given a special briefing by the head of the CIA and somehow fail to see the non-historical nature of what she was being told.  

Sure, she’s probably lying through her teeth (which I would be rude in pointing out why that’s so easy for her); but it’s equally likely that this is merely another sign of her incompetence and tunnel-vision.  For the Bushies, everything is historical.  They think they already have the facts.  There is nothing new to consider.  You just keep plugging away towards the same goal and imagine that everyone else is doing the same damn thing.  

And so when the head of the CIA gives you a warning, you might just assume that he’s repeating himself again; rather than trying to convey something new.  And the Bushies had their eyes on a bigger prize than swatting individual terrorists; they had a new world order to institute.  History will hate these people.

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