Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rush's Law

I just wanted to offer my support to Rush’s Law.  The inhumanity of denying wealthy Americans the right to anonymous hard-on’s in third-world countries is a travesty that can no longer be overlooked.  After all, God wouldn’t have given us third-world nations if he didn’t want us having sex in them.

I also support the idea of refusing to call Republicans hypocrites any more.  At this point, they’re just con-artists.  The Republican moralist rhetoric sounds good, but they don’t really expect anyone to actually follow it.  Or at least, they don’t expect anyone who is a real person or family member of a real person to follow it.  And that just about covers everyone.

For example, holy gambler Bill Bennett admitted on The Daily Show last week that Dick Cheney’s acceptance of the Gay is only because Cheney’s daughter is gay.  And then there’s Bennett’s gambling problem, which was excused because he was swell-guy Bill Bennett losing millions and not some anonymous dude losing thousands.  And don’t forget pot-smoke basher Limbaugh’s previous drug issues.  And I personally know of two anti-abortion Christians who strongly argued for having their son’s girlfriend abort their future grandson because it would ruin their son’s future.  They now thank God for saving their grandson, though it was entirely the girlfriend’s decision.  In each of these cases, Christian morality was just for the other people.  The people who aren’t us.

And that’s the whole point.  Their morality only applies to anonymous people.  People we don’t know.  But once we move this to the individual level, the rules no longer apply.  Bennett doesn’t expect Cheney to hate gays because it affects him personally.  But everyone is an individual.  Everyone has a personal side.  And that’s why the whole thing is sham.  Rules are supposed to apply to everyone.  Not just the people we don’t know or don’t like.  Yet I’m positive that every conservative would excuse every one of their moral codes that we object to, were the opportunity to arise.  This isn’t hypocrisy on their part.  It’s just a sham.  They don’t want these morals.  They just like to think that they do.  And the only people they’re fooling are themselves.

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