Monday, June 12, 2006

Online Bomb Throwing

Via Digby, I quote from Wonkette: MSM Edition:
One journalist presses some workshop attendees on the apparent disconnect between the online bomb- throwers and the chatty, eager conference goers. A woman explains that one would never attack someone in person the way you can online: "It's the difference between bombing someone from 50,000 feet and sticking a bayonet between their eyes." And most people, she observes, can't deal with sticking a bayonet between the eyes. "Unless you're really psychopathic."

Funny.  That’s the same reason why I think the media has become so docile to the GOP.  Sure, they’d like to report the truth to us, but darnit if those rightwingers aren’t swell guys afterall.  It just so happens that they don’t want to eat babies (despite the angry leftist rhetoric to the contrary), and taxcuts sure do feel good on the pocketbook.  Besides, Georgie gave everybody funny nicknames and everyone hates a psychopath.  So who can blame them when they have trouble sticking it to these deceitful jerks?  They throw such great parties!

I wonder how many of the journalists in attendance were openly disdainful to the “online bomb-throwers” and how many of them were chatty with the bloggers.  Somehow, I suspect these so-called “bombs” only get tossed in the one direction.  Amazing how easy victimhood is.  Especially when you’ve got a loud mouthpiece to complain with.

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