Friday, March 24, 2006

What a Bunch of Dorks

Red State comments, regarding Ben Domenech:

We must defend Ben.

I am honored to call Ben Domenech a friend, and will be proud to stand at his side no matter what.

I stand behind Ben.

I stand with my friend.

I don't know Ben/Augustine outside of his writings here (and now Red America), but I stand with him.

They don't come within a parsec of how he is being characterized by the loony left.

Conservative leaders, both in gov't as well as the media, need to know that they'll have the full backing of the rank-and-file when they go out to battle the often vicious libs and their sidekicks in the media.

I stand ready to fight.

I stand behind Ben.

I’ll say it again: What a bunch of dorks.  Are these guys in seventh grade, or what?  And for all their toughguy 1950’s cowboy talk of standing by Ben, what the hell does that even mean?  Are they going to take his side in an actual fight?  Are they even risking anything by defending him?  No.  They’re just going to support him with propaganda while ignoring the truth of his disgrace.  Because that’s all these guys ever do. They talk a tough game, but that’s all it is: a game.  And long after all this is over, they’ll remember themselves as having come down on the right side, no matter what happens.

And the worst is Erick, the guy who started that thread.  I mean, come fucking on, the proof of plagiarism is already too evident to ignore.  And while I still don’t know all the details, that won’t stop me from speculating that the excuses given so far are complete crap.  They’re trying to tell us that this is something that he did in his “teen years”, but he’s only fucking 24 years old.  Let’s not act as if these are decade’s old allegations.  It happened while he was in college, and probably afterwards.  But Erick and the rest of them don’t give a damn about the truth.  They don’t want the allegations to be true, so they’re not true.  And they justify this attitude with absurd statements such as “And now those opposed to Ben have googled prior writings that on the surface appear suspicious, but only because permissions obtained and judgments made offline were not reflected online by an out dated and out of business campus newspaper.”

That’s right.  These aren’t facts.  They’re just the work of those opposed to Ben.  And these aren’t really suspicious actions.  It’s just that the permissions obtained and judgments made offline were not reflected online.  Of course.  Sure, it looks like plagiarism because Ben didn’t use quotes or in any way indicate that he was quoting something.  Nor does the context even suggest that he was trying to quote anyone.  But it must be that way.  Because they defend Ben.  And that means that there must be a good explanation for all this.  Because Ben’s a good guy, and his critics are bad guys.  So he must be right and they must be wrong.  It’s that simple.

And that’s just the way these people work.  There are no facts.  There are just opinions about rightness and wrongness which dictate what the important facts are.  They have their expected outcome and they will make the facts fit that outcome.  They like Ben, so he must be innocent.  They want him to succeed, so all the details against him are to be ignored.  

And they even have tried to appeal to blogger-sympathy, by suggesting that lib bloggers should support him because it helps all bloggers.  But can you really imagine that they’d say that if things were reversed?  They already demonize Froomkin for being a wacko liberal; imagine how they’d act if a real fire-breathing liberal blogger got the new blog spot.  Particularly if they found out that the lib was a unqualified plagiarizing hack who’s worked for the Democrats.  Are we really to believe that the Red Staters would gladly back such a person?

Of course not.  But that’s all just part of the propagandic bullshit that these people spew out on a regular basis.  And they don’t even know that they’re doing it.  They honestly believe that they’re just being fair-minded.  But again, what they’re asking of us is to ignore the truth.  To ignore facts.  To wash-over any wrong-doing that Ben might have done, or anything stupid he might have said; simply for the sake of pro-blogger propaganda.  But hell, I wouldn’t even go that far.  Because Ben isn’t some typical blogger guy who got lucky.  He’s part of the GOP machine.  He’s a bought hack.

But even if he wasn’t, I still can’t ignore the truth, even if it does help me.  That’s the game that they play.  These 7th-grade dorks who seem to have gotten their moral code from watching too many episodes of Branded.  Or perhaps it really was the propaganda-flick Red Dawn that molded them in their formative years.  Whatever it was, they know what they need to do, and that’s just to put the propaganda machine into overdrive and support their troops…er, I mean, their blogger-friend who was probably never honest with them regarding his ties to the GOP.  


Dan said...

I love how every conservative that gets accused of anything gets not just a presumption of innoncence, but their accusers get a presumption of malice.

However, these are the same guys that watch Cops and America's Most Wanted and assume anyone the police accuse must be guilty. If you get arrested, you must have done something wrong in their books.

A conservative gets accused of something? Not only is he or she innoncent, but the accuser is a partisan liar seeking to discredit this cherished hero of the right.

Oliver North is a hero in most of these people's eyes, despite being convicted of crimes.

The only crime they acknowledge is disloyalty. If Scooter Libby reveals damaging things about the administration, he will be dropped from their honour roll. Same Tom Delay.

Mumphrey said...

Have you ever read anything about Josef Stalin?
These guys think he same way.
Stalin ran the USSR utterly incompetently. It didn't help that the whole philosophy that they based their regime on was utter horseshit, either.
Anyway, it didn't work. Nothing they ever tried to do really worked. They were going to build a workers' paradise. Instead, they ended up starving millions of their own citizens. Oops!
But not to worry!
It wasn't really that Stalin and his cronies were inept, or that communism just couldn't work; it was that there were thousands of spies and "wreckers" screwing up their paradise. It had to be, because if there weren't, then that would mean that either Stalin and his cronies were inept, or that communism just couldn't work, or both. But that could never be! So, voila! Spies and wreckers were responsible.
Same with these yahoos.
Their heroes can't be corrupt incompetent sleazeballs, because they just can't be by definition: they're paragons of manly virtue (especially Ann Coulter). So those criticizing them must be spies and wreckers. I mean mean, corrupt angry bitter loser criminal liar Dummycraps.
Hey, makes sense to me, what's your problem?