Friday, March 24, 2006

Ben's Big Excuse

Of “Box Turtle Ben”, Atrios writes:

The Redstaters have to be pissed, as they don't just see themselves as a blog, but as the nexus of the conservative political movement online.

Ha!  That’s not how these people work.  For them, the worst thing Ben did was to resign (though I doubt it was entirely his decision).  And the only way they’d be pissed is if Ben confessed to everything and admitted that he was a paid-for GOP hack.  But it doesn’t look like Ben’s doing any such thing.  Instead, he’s blaming everyone else and demanding a big pity party…which he seems to be getting.  Not only that, but they seem to be insisting that he did the honorable thing.  But it doesn’t take much to realize that his whole act of “contrition” was just a turdload of excuses.  Commenter “Singularity” at Digby’s blog does a good job summarizing Ben’s Bad Luck.  

If they haven’t already, somebody will need to come up with an Excuse-Bullshit index; which ranks how likely something is to be bullshit based on the number of excuses the bullshitter gives.  Looking over Ben’s Big Excuse, I think the ol’ Bullshit Meter is going off the charts.  My favorite part: “I once caught an editor at the paper inserting a line from The New Yorker (which I read) into my copy and protested. When that editor was promoted, I resigned.”  See, any old liar could pretend that someone else had inserted those phrases, but it takes a special kind of bullshitter to throw in the “I resigned” part.  That kind of dramatic excessiveness is always good evidence that the bullshitter has such a slim grasp on reality that they have no idea of what sounds plausible.

But this is typical of the conservatives.  They don’t fight.  They fight back, always.  Even if they have to instigate everything.  That’s just their way.  They’re the big bad victims of liberal oppression and this excuses all of their wrong doing.  They don’t insult us; they insult us back.  And everything is an offense.  After all, we’re talking about a doofus who cites as proof of the MSM’s left-wing bias that they missed a Red Dawn reference; as if there’s some inherent right that everyone pick up on conservative cultural references.  But that’s the level of depth of their paranoia.  Everything’s a conspiracy.  Everything proves them right.  And everyone is working on the same level as them.  It’s all propaganda and nothing is as simply as it seems.  

BTW, is it really possible that liberals were seriously threatening his family and suggesting that they’d want to cut off his head?  I suppose that’s possible, but it seems a bit odd.  It’s my guess that this is just more right-wing hysteria.  As if people said things which were obvious jokes (though probably rude jokes), and which he knew were jokes, but he cited as being serious in order to drum-up more sympathy from the right-wing patsies he tricked.  It worked.


Pablo said...

Dude, what a smooooth takedown! This is gonna look sweet hanging next to that Jeff Gannon pelt.

The right is so over.

Mumphrey said...

These guys have no sense of shame at all. I don't understand it. They could wwalk into a crowded restaurant or somewhere, take out a gun and shoot somebody randomly in the face before 30 witnesses, and then claim with a straight face that they didn't do it. If that didn't sway anybody, they'd claim the guy they shot in cold blood somehow started it. If that defense didn't take, I guess they'd say the guy was a terrorist.
And the right wingers would all cheer.
I don't know how these people can live with themselves. I mean, I do bad things all the time. I'm human. But when I do, I feel bad about it, say I'm sorry and make up my mind to do better. These people seem to be missing that gene or something.

Dan said...


Your example is not nearly far fetched enough. The guy the VP shot actually felt he had to apologize to the VP for getting shot. All that was missing was the crowded restaurant.