Saturday, December 17, 2005

Koufax Coercion

Hey, don’t forget to get me in for some of that yummy Koufax action.  I’ll take anything I can get, and yes, I do bribe.  I think I’ve got the Wider Recognition thing written all over me, if only because my recog index seems abysmally low; but the irony is that you have to be fairly well recognized just to be in contention for it.  If anything, the winner should be the person with the least votes, as that person clearly needs a bigger fanclub.  I’d also take Most Humorous or whatever else you could throw my way.  Hell, I’d even take Best Commenter, though I think that might be reserved for non-bloggers.  I nominated myself for Wider Recognition naturally, but I suspect that they’re not giving my vote the extra weight it deserves.  For single post, I recommend This Gay Thing as most humorous, just so that you people don’t split your votes among my numerous humorous materials.

Anyway, vote early and often; and remember, if I don’t even make it past the first round, vengeance can be mine.

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