Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I Am The Winner!!!

Step right up, girls and boys: We have exciting news here in Biobrain land.  The winners of the second bi-weekly Carnival of the Liberals have been announced, and one of those blessed winners was none other than Yours Truly.  That’s right, ol’ Doc Biobrain has been honored with a winning slot in the Carnival for the recent post The Problems With Third Parties.  Feel free to read my acceptance speech in the comments section at CofL.  I feel that it was properly humble, but without sacrificing any of the gratuitous gloating that is only natural to one as great as myself.  I mean, modesty is important; but let’s not get crazy about this.   So far, it appears to be the only such speech at the Carnival, but I’m sure that that’s only because the other winners read my entry and realized how unworthy they were of the honor.

And if any of you bloggers are thinking about submitting something for the next Carnival, keep in mind that I’ve already got the winning entry typed up and ready to go; which means that there are only nine other slots to win.  But if you’re a regular reader here, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty beating out the competition.  After all, if you’re smart enough to read me, you already have a leg up over the competition.  Mere mortals cannot compete with genius.

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