Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Relativity of the Three Dollar Gallon

I have some fairly important work that needs to be done pronto, so I had no other choice than to start slumming in the Yahoo Message Boards, to avoid doing that work. And I stumbled upon this guy called "stopaidtoisraelnow" (which I suspect is some sort of Muslim name, though I don't understand the language), and he had this post that only had a subject line, which was titled, and I kid you not, "$3.00 a GALLON UNLEADED= BUSH FAILURE".

Can you believe that? Three dollar gallons is a failure for whom, I wanted to know. I mean, this might mean bad things for some Americans, like the people who drive cars or buy manufactured goods. But for the people who count, the ones with the oil and the refineries and whatnot, this is a good thing. A damn good thing. Nobody's going to be worrying about what they're putting under the Christmas tree this year; at least not in the Texaco household, anyway. Ponies don't grow on trees, and three dollars a gallon is about what it takes to complete the set. And god knows they need the money, what with how much it costs to fill a Hummer these days.

So here, I'll just share with you what my response was to this small-minded individual. And feel free to imagine all the waves of righteous indignation and disgust that ran rampant throughout this reply:

I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune if you were on the receiving end of that $3.00 a gallon.

Save it, hypocrite. You only say he's a failure because his policies have failed to help you and the people like you. But what about the people who aren't like you? The ones who are lining their pockets with your money? Are you going to tell THEM that Bush's policies are a failure? Are you going to tell Mr. Exxon and Mrs. Chevron that Bush's policies have failed them? I think not. And if you were Mr. Exxon, you'd do the same damn thing, and you know it.

So you can just take your double-standarded green-eyed monster and shove it. Because you're no different than them, except you don't have very much oil and Bush doesn't like you. The only failure here is your failure for not joining a powerful oligarchy which holds the world's future in it's oily little paws; and squeezing firmly.

That is talking truth to power, my friend. And if that guy ever managed to find my message among the hundreds pouring in, I'm sure he learned his lesson good. Bush's foreign and domestic policies might be failures to some Americans; but for others, they're the best money can buy.

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