Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Contributed

I just wanted to mention that I contributed to a political campaign for the first time today. I had honestly intended to do that back in the 2004 election; first to the Clark campaign during the primaries, and then to Kerry during the general election. But I never did. It's not that I didn't have the money, but I just didn't have the money. I could have squeezed the budget a little bit. Maybe eaten out less. But I didn't, and so I never contributed.

And I know that this sounds stupid, especially from one who so often denounces the supernatural and superstitious; but I really kind of feel responsible both for Clark's and Kerry's losses. Like maybe if I sent in my contribution, that extra $75 would have put them right over the top. But I know it's not quite like that, but I still feel that sometimes. Because it's not necessarily the money, but the karma; positive karma that I'd be sending to the candidate of my choice.

But today I did it. I sent in a small contribution to Paul "The Fighting Democrat" Hackett's campaign, through Atrio's Act Blue link; and damn if I don't feel good about it. I've been thinking about it for some time, and I just happened to get a little extra money and what the hell.

And god I hope he wins. Because this isn't just about this election. It's about the 2006 election. And if this fighting Dem can win in a Republican district, it'll show the other Dems how it can be done. Rather than trying to pull the limp-wristed DLC approach, which should have been put out to pasture after the 1996 election; we need to go balls-on and really take this game to the GOP. If we play our cards properly, the GOP is up shit creek, and can only dig themselves deeper. This isn't the time for bi-partisan love and threading the needle of the political landscape. This is the time of "Throw the Bums Out", followed by the New & Improved "Throw the Crooked Bums Out". And we need to play it strong. The Republicans have proven that they are unable to lead this country, and it's time that we went back to the A Squad.

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