Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Nuclear Age

I am happy to report that this blogger has turned a new leaf. I've seen the light, if you will. I was over at Legal Fiction and he pointed to this enlightening post from NRO Hero Michael Ledeen, in which Ledeen states:
This is to mourn the murder of the free lance journalist Steven Vincent, a victim of the Sadrist thugs (that is to say, the Iranian-sponsored terrorists) in Basra. His crime was to have written about the fanatics in Basra, who are attempting to create a mini-islamic republic in the south, to the shameful indifference of the British forces and Coalition commanders, and the so-called Left in this country and Europe. If there is ever a day of reckoning, those opinion makers who have remained silent in the face of the monstrous terrorist campaign against the Iraqi people will find it quite impossible to explain their de facto collusion with the terrorists.

Mr. Legal Fiction just didn't know what to make of this "day of reckoning" stuff. And at first, I didn't either. My first guess was that Ledeen just meant that because there was no collusion between terrorists and any of the people that Ledeen singles out, that it would be impossible for them to explain said collusion.

But then along came Phil B., a fellow commenter at LF who aptly pointed out the undeniable fact that free-lance journalist Steven Vincent would still be alive today, had we nuked Basra last year. And it all made sense. Steven Vincent would be alive today, had we nuked Basra. There can be absolutely no doubt of that. Naturally, I recoil at Mr. B's abhorrent suggestion that the survivors of the nuclear blast be shot. I think that is excessive and cruel. Besides, those crispy critters won't last more than a few days anyway, so we might as well make it as painful as possible. For the innocent victims of 9/11, who never had a chance.

And who is stopping dear leader from pushing ahead with this perfectly practical offensive? Why, none other than the Brits, the Pansy Patrol, the Leftists, and dreaded Old Europe. That's who! And why? Because they fear the future, that's why. They want to cower in the past, with their bullets and grenades; their cannon and ship; rather than move into a new age: The Nuclear Age. These are probably the same pansies who prefer the Flintstones over the Jetsons. What a joke! And what did this fear of the future lead to? Journalist Steven Vincent's death.

And so what else could we do with these terrorist-loving stone-age men? Let them get away with this crap? Hell no! We wait until the Day of Reckoning, listen to their impossible excuses, and then proceed to reckon them to death. What other choice does an All-American Freedom Lover have? No choice at all. But remember, we don't do this for us. And we're certainly not doing it for you. No, we do this for America. All for America! All for America!


The Sampo said...

these people are completely fu*king nuts. I'm all for having a nice argument or explaining new ideas...but how can you reason with these crazy retards???

I give up already, it's not worth my blood pressure spikes. They are uncapable of stringing thoughts together to form a cohesive worldview and they have no interest in being rational. they just want to win their little personal head games.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Are you kidding? I argue with these people just for the blood pressure spikes. It's the new coffee. I can't stand reading their crap, but I'm always up for a good tumble.

But honestly, I'd much rather argue with someone I disagree with than preach with the choir. I learn new ways of looking at things and new arguments by taking on an adversary. In fact, that's one of the things that bugs me about this blog; I don't seem to be attracting anyone who disagrees with me. Am I just not being offensive enough? Or are my arguments too tight? I just don't know. But I'd really like to get in a good fight around here, so i

Besides that, these people aren't really nuts. They're just in a bad place. They've invested heavily in a particular worldview, and that worldview has turned back and bit them in the ass. They gambled that Rush & Co really had given them all the answers, and now they're digging around trying to find yet another way of passing the buck.