Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Books For Jock Failure

Guest Post by Doctor Snedley, Doctor Biobrain’s Assistant

Greetings, Biobrain fans. The good doctor was out for the evening, and I decided to fill-in for the big guy in his absence. He hasn’t been posting anything lately (especially not anything decent), so I thought that this is the least I could do. And if things work out, maybe he’ll let me fill-in for him more often (perhaps permanently (not that he needs to know anything about this)).

So I was scanning over blogdom this evening, looking for some prime material to bestow on you people, when I came upon this site called, and I kid you not, The Questionable Authority. And questionable, this guy was. He was posting about the recent lawsuit that some Christians in California filed against the University of California, for not accepting Christian-based science classes as valid course curriculum for incoming students. As Questionable quotes from one of the texts “The people who prepared this book have tried consistently to put the Word of God first and science second...If...at any point God's Word is not put first, the authors apologize.

And this guy seemed to have some real problem about all this, referring to the authors as “apologetics trying to hide in a lab coat.” As if Bob Jones University Press would put out an ill-informed textbook written by hacks. You’d have to read his whole post to get the derogatory nature of this guy's posts. And this went against some recent work I’ve been doing on the side, in a similar vein as these Christian-based books, so I just couldn’t leave it alone; lest he ruin it for all of his. So I posted the following comment over at his site, to let him see the bigger picture of all this stuff.

This is all bullshit. I fully support this lawsuit and hope it wins. Not because I believe in the creationist mumbo-jumbo. But so my sports-based textbooks on science, history, math, and language arts will finally be accepted as primary learning materials in public schools nationwide. It's high time we end the content discrimination against our sports-minded students; particularly the athletes themselves, who have suffered gravely from this unwarranted bias against their natural inclinations. Often being denied access to the very sport that makes them interesting, simply because some stuffy professor has a different belief system and wants to destroy sports.

Sure, I cover the subjects at hand, but always from an athletic perspective; focusing primarily on football, basketball, baseball, and (grudgingly) soccer. And if there is a conflict between the particular field and sports, sports will always come first, naturally.

For example, there really wasn't much in the way of football, basketball, baseball, or soccer during most of history, at least not in any recognizable form. So we'll just be skipping that part. My limited understanding of science, math, and language arts also lead me to skim back some of those texts too. In fact, we'll mostly be focusing on sports trivia (history), rules (language arts), sports statistics (math), and anything else I can plug-in which won't let too many jocks fail (science). Because there's nothing worse than a failing jock.

So all I can say is that it's good to see like-minded people thinking alike, and I praise these brave Christians for paving the way for all the academically-different everywhere. Thanks to these trailblazers, we might soon live in a world in which each child can pick the textbook of their choosing; and where "tests" and "grades" rely more on the student's intent and understanding of their own beliefs, rather than some stuffy academic idea of what is “right” or “wrong”. I'll make a fortune!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more from me soon. Biobrain’s been a real jerk about this whole blogging thing, and I hope he appreciates the trouble it was in getting his password (it's "disneykid"). Maybe if he didn’t have me doing all his research and experiments, I’d have enough time to setup my own blog. Maybe that’s his whole game. To keep the real brains of this operation from telling you idiots the truth. Typical.

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