Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mocking Conservatives Hurts Liberalism

And speaking of loser progressives who think we lose no matter what we do, what is up with the belief that we lose when we mock Sarah Palin?  Apparently, it now makes people more credible if you make fun of them for being stupid, as evidenced by comments made after White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wrote a list on his hand to get a few laughs from the media.  And while most liberals were amused by it, we were still treated to the same loser liberals who insist that this hurts us.

Here's a sample:
"No, Gibbs is the one jumping the shark by giving Palin attention and thus credibility. I'd much rather they start calling her the leader of the Republican Party like they did Rush Limbaugh."

"This is so sad. Gibbs should use his precious air-time to present and defend the Administration's policy agenda as best he can and to respond to GOPers' talking points, not to poke fun at a politician however stupid she is, which is the job of political columnists, bloggers and political comedians."

"This just feeds into Sarah's "I'm a victim" and "They're afraid of me" schtick. She's best ignored."

"It was a mistake for gibbs to make fun of palin publicly. The entire administration seems to be tone deaf about the mood of the country. Not only was it undignified for someone from the president's office to make fun of her, or anyone, but taking on a popular figure like palin in such a childish way won't improve the Dems' image among any group. They should leave the snark to Stewart, Colbert, and The Onion."

"This is a waste of everyones time. Focus on the reason and direction of where the WH is headed. Leave the party of NO with their talking points."

"Gibbs poking Palin with a stick doesn't move any agenda forward. He isn't using his little bit of media time for constructive use (unless he can lump it in the same breath so it can't be made into a sound bite). And trying to rebuff the noise machine is also a waste of time. The majority is supposed to LEAD, not respond to all the fake issues."
Yes, apparently things are so dire for us that Gibbs can't take thirty seconds in a one hour press conference to make a joke on a topic that everyone's joking about.  Not only is this unnecessary, but it's somehow detrimental to us.  As if America would all be hyped up about getting healthcare reform passed, if only Gibbs had mentioned that instead of his palm list.  And yes, someone actually suggested that Palin was "popular," which is why we shouldn't mock her.

And hey, I understand that there are different people in this world with different priorities, but why do these people insist upon lecturing us if we're obviously the dummies?  I could understand if Gibbs was mocking some smalltime blogger like Erick Erickson, but a sizeable chunk of the media seems to think Palin might be our next president.  It never hurts to get them laughing at her.


Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Meh. Those are "battered wife syndrome" liberals. They've been ashamed of themselves for years -- decades really , ever since Ronald Reagan made 'liberal' a pejorative. They are less than zero on my scorecard.

They even made Jesus Christ hawk a loogie, IIRC.

Milton said...

I guess Palin does not understand satire and she complains about telaprompters, what a hypocrite. Palin’s hand job just shows all of us what kind of dullard we are up against, I have not seen this since junior high. She is so perfect for "Fake News". WOW and some call her a leader….please.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Full Disclosure: I once wrote spelling words on my hand before a test in sixth grade. My teacher saw me doing it before the test started and made me go to the bathroom and wash my hands. I was so humiliated that I still get embarrassed just thinking about it. Not that I got caught cheating, but because I got caught cheating in such a stupid way.

I wonder if Palin has those sort of feelings. I hope so, but fear she's as unembarrassed of this as all the other stupid things she's done/said.