Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheney the Super-Villain

Just as Republicans like to attribute super-villain characteristics to terrorists in order to make them scarier than mere humans (and therefore needing special treatment that Democrats can't possibly provide), progressives often attribute super-genius characteristics to Republican villains.  And even now, with Dick Cheney relegated to loathsome bozo-status by all but the lightweight media which still perceives him as a heavyweight, we're assured that Cheney is evil as ever; even in retirement.

And so I'm reading about how we just captured a hugely important Taliban guy last week, but kept it silent in order to aid intel activities.  And in the meantime, conservatives like Dick Cheney pounded Obama on this sort of issue, while the Obama people kept silent.  And now that it comes out, Obama looks good while the Cheneys look like even bigger bozos than before.  Yea Obama!

But somehow, that's just not how some progressives see it, and we end up with ridiculous claims of triple-reverse ju-jitsu on Cheney's behalf, like this one:
My money has it that Cheney wanted Biden to prematurely announce this as a desperate defense against his assault. The GOP would then turn this around to show how team Obama was more interested in politics. I'm sure Cheney has enough eyes in our intel agencies that he was well informed.
Of course.  Cheney the Super-Villain is illegally obtaining classified intel from intel agencies that didn't even want to help the guy when he was in the Whitehouse, and now he's screwing with Democrats by making himself look like a bozo in the hopes that they release the classified intel he already received illegally, simply so he can accuse them of releasing classified intel for political reasons; even though that would have made Cheney look stupid immediately, rather than the delayed stupid-look he's getting now.

Or, more likely, Dick was talking out of his ass yet again, not realizing that reality would quickly call his bluff and expose him as being wrong yet again.  Sure, that's the obvious explanation which makes TONS more sense, but when a super-villain is needed to scare us into comformity, obvious explanations need not apply.

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