Friday, February 26, 2010

The Job He Was Hired For

First, getting the top brass on-board with an Iraqi withdrawal, then getting them to publicly support gays in the military, now acknowledgement of Gulf War Syndrome.  For as much as far-lefties insist that Obama's a betrayal to liberalism, I've got to give a big SHUT THE FUCK UP to each and every one of them. 

Because it's not just his ability to change the military for the better.  It's not just sane judges or enforcement of regulations or putting smart people in the right places; it's ALL of this stuff.  The President is the head of the Executive Branch.  And as much fault that people place upon him for not being the Chief Congressman, that's not his fricking job.  While he might not have been entirely successful so far in writing and passing liberal legislation, he's a true godsend in the job he was hired for.  That's where it really counts.  Legislatively, things might stay exactly as they are, but in his branch of government, he's already made serious improvements that have real impact.

Some day, I predict that we'll get passed this phase of seeing the president as the leader of Congress, and they'll think we were all insane for wanting to distract this immensely busy job by forcing them to write legislation on top of their already crazy schedule.  While I understand how the president came to fill this role, it was really one of the worst developments in our political system.  There's a reason the Founding Fathers made the president separate from the legislative branch.  I can't believe I'm the only one who seems to remember this.

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