Monday, January 25, 2010

Corporate Cash Ain't So Bad

I wrote this on request on a comment from a loyal reader who wanted to know my thoughts on the SCOTUS corporate bribe cash decision, and thought I should just make it a post too.  And yes, I am posting again, now that I'm not doing the brain-intensive work I was doing for the past month or so; though I make no promises.  Frankly, I found no point in writing, as I figure that everything will work itself out; whether I write or not.  But after the panicky week some Dems have had, I suppose maybe I should calm things down.

Overall, I'm not worried. Things tend to balance themselves out, so if things get too out of hand, I figure Congress will step in to fix it. Plus, Dems are actually better for Big Business than Republicans are and I suspect we'll see quite a bit of this cash going to the Dem side. After all, it's not as if Big Money hadn't already infected Democratic coffers or policies. And if this drowns out enough little voices that even the Teabaggers feel impotent, we might find ourselves with the sort of campaign finance system we should have had all along.

And the main dynamic is that Big Business uses campaign cash to bribe Democrats to vote like Republicans, while Republicans extort it from Big Business by denying access to those who don't pay up. Sure, there are some conservative ideologue businessmen who willingly cough it up, but most of them don't give a damn who they give it to, just as long as they win. After all, there's no point in contributing to Republicans if they still can't get more than 30% approval ratings.

As things are, Dem politicos play nice because they still want that cash and lack the backbone to fight the system. But if they get beat up enough by corporate money, I have no doubt they'll finally find their spines.  But I doubt it'll come to that.  Corporate America already supports too many policies which are bad for Corporate America, and the more they let liberals fix our problems, the better it is for everyone.


mahakal said...

Corporate neoliberalism.

Betsy said...

You ARE sure you're not really Dr. Who aren't you?
Anyway, thank you, I felt to depressed the first day that I was completely ready to give up on the whole country. Not that things are so good--but maybe we won't all swirl down the corruption drain just yet anyway. Anyway, when global warming gets really going all of this stuff will be unimportant--humans are incapable of working together to do much about coping with it. As I've said before--so glad I'm OLD. But many thanks for your "talking me down" I know you're busy but I always am happy when you have something to say.