Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arlon the Democrat

One of the big things I don't understand about the debate on Senator Specter's switch to the Democratic Party is how his detractors imagine they're making any sense.  They insist that he's a political panderer who adopts stances for his own personal gain, yet insist that he's still a Republican at heart who will continue to vote against us.  Yet these are mutually exclusive ideas.

I'm firmly in the "He's a panderer" category.  He knows which way the wind blows, which is why he often sounds like he's going to help our side.  But he also knew that doing so would hurt him in the Republican primary, so he couldn't help us much.  But now, he doesn't have a Republican primary.  So now the political winds are pushing only to the left, which is what he'll do.  Not that he'll be the most liberal member of Congress.  But he'll have little incentive to side with Republicans.

Of course, to make this work properly, he still needs to worry about a Democratic primary.  And so if they somehow promised him full support no matter what he does, that'd be a huge mistake.  Because then he'd have every reason to side with Republicans.  But I can't imagine they'd have been that stupid and would have made it clear that they expect him to vote like a Democrat if he wants Democratic support.  And in any case, bloggers like Kos and Atrios have enough power to cause him some amount of grief in a Dem primary; and so it'd behoove him to not take the Dem primary for granted.  At least not for his first one.

And so overall, I think we're going to see a different Arlon Specter.  I think Arlon is looking out for Arlon and that means he's going to be siding with us.  Not that he'll take the lead on much or give as much support as we'd like, but I predict that he'll be a much better Democrat now that he's a Democrat.

Update: For all those interested, I'd like to point your attention to Donald Douglas, a conservative blogger who wrote 171 words to laugh at me for misspelling Arlen Specter's name in this post; as well as an additional 88 words in a comment he left here.  He suggests that the name "Arlon" might be Klingon, even though it's a real name.  In fact, I know someone named Arlon, whose name I type and read regularly, which was probably the source of my confusion.

But if anyone's looking for answers on why the conservative blogosphere is failing to keep up with the liberal side, bloggers like Douglas are a good place to look.  They really don't give a damn about conservativism or liberalism, they just hate liberals.


Donald Douglas said...

Arlon? Klingon?

Dr. BioDenialistBarebackerNihilist needs to step away from the TV!

I'm looking for the snark here, but I think you just don't know how to spell the guy's name...

Or, maybe you've just heard of Arlen Specter right now, this week, when he threw whatever principles he had to wind in selling out to the dark side.

But please, don't correct it. This is gold. No wonder you blog anonymously, LOFL!!

Yo, I have an accountant here who can help you pay WAY more in taxes! Ouch!

Anonymous said...

It will be sufficient for Arlen to vote for cloture, and he can then vote his Republican conscience. I am sure that is the deal that was made, but isn't it interesting to note that he is now the sole pro-choice Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania?

TRUTH 101 said...

Doc: if you were to ban me from your blog at least I wouldn't have to suffer Professor Douglas' inane attempts at humor. I guess you could ban me from the comment section and save me from his assaults on humorous discourse.

repsac3 said...

Listen Truth...

If you don't stop writing posts that attract the professor like a fly to shit, I think *I'm* going to have to ban you...

What is it with your posts always being the place where he decides to make his (usually off-topic) stand? Are you slipping some kinda secret message only you and he understand into your posts?

Look, you know I love you, man--whether or not I agree with every post you make, I think you're doing your thing, and generally you aim true (And I'm not getting involved in the troll thing... We is who we is...)--but this affair between you and Douglas has just got to stop... It's creepin' me out, man... 8>)

Word Verification definition:
metioger - not a particularly good ogre, including as regards spelling (a theme?)

Anonymous said...

Don, when did you become a spelling Nazi? We're not writing dissertations here, you know.

I was going to mention your post on Paster (sic) Wright. That is particularly ironic coming someone who is such a fount of all that is good and holy as you are.

I thought about mentioning the post on Michelle Obama's lobster lunch that was such an obvious hoax. All the comments have mysteriously disappeared on that one.

But, I've really had enough lunacy for one day. And mistakes happen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about feeding the troll, Reppy. I thought it was a gremlin.

TRUTH 101 said...

It all started with my "Good Sex. A Nice Pair of Shoes, and a Warm Place to go to the Bathroom" post on American Nihilist Reppy. The Professor must think I can deliver all that. I can only deliver truth. Unfortunately, truth won't get you laid, nice shoes or a comfortable toilet.

repsac3 said...

American Nihilist: American Power: Professor Douglas Catches "Nihilist" Spelling Error!WV Def: anthl - The name of a kid who wanderth into the woods with his thithter grethl, and meeth a witth.