Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stains on History

Ryan Powers at Think Progress has a post about how Republicans are pointlessly blocking qualified Obama appointees for grandstanding purposes. They can't actually block the nominees, but by god, they'll make a name for themselves pretending to do so. And this is just stupid. These people have been on the wrong side of the track since Obama won and they just keep getting wronger. They're still playing checkers on Obama's chessboard and can't understand why they keep losing.

Obama has the wind to his back and is just getting stronger. It might not seem that way, with the constant challenges the news cycle's highlight. But even in short-term history, ie, mid-term election length, these people will be seen as stains on Obama's steamroller. They're not even speedbumps and their actions hurt themselves more than Obama. All they're doing is making themselves more unpopular, and as much as there's a rallying effect among the base, it only serves to pull them further from the mainstream.

This is what happens when authoritarian lackeys improvise. They need a leader. And seeing as how the closest they're getting is a fight between Limbaugh's "Hoping for Failure" and Glenn Beck's "Drifting into Fascism," it doesn't bode well for them.

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