Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Liberals I Don't Like

I'm too lazy to search for specific examples, but two types of liberal commenters I don't like:

The ones who insist that we shouldn't highlight Republican absurdities because it just gives them more attention; and thus, more power.

The ones who insist that we need to watch every word we use, in case we're actually using loaded language that Republicans give us as part of their rhetorical games.

And in both cases, I'm reminded of Republican opposition to diplomacy: We're so weak that every phrase we utter might topple our house of cards and allow our enemies to win, and the only solution is to pretend they have no power while taking a hardline stance on everything they say or do.  And in my opinion, that's the sort of attitude that weakens us more than anything else.

And I'm not sure which piece of advice is worse.  Sure, it's entirely stupid to allow jerks like Limbaugh to spout-out nonsense without being called on it, but it's simply moronic to attack Republicans for playing word games while chastising liberals for using words like "detainee" and referring to Social Security as "entitlement programs."  We're to still assume that Americans are utter morons who will accept anything as long as you use the right phrase to say it; despite all the successes we've had in the past two elections, which showcase how intelligent Americans really are.

And the reality is that jerks like Limbaugh do much better when they can make offensive statements under the radar.  And conservatives keep losing no matter what words they use to describe things, and if we focus all our strength on semantic pissing matches, we quickly lose sight of what the real debate is.  So the advice that these libs keep insisting that we follow is actually counter-productive.  But of course, just the fact that they focus so much of their time making these inane comments doesn't help much either.


TRUTH 101 said...

You must have been following what's going on between Octopus and myself.

Excellent post, by the way Doctor.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Sorry, Truth. But no such thing. I think there's a lot of this going around. I was mainly referring to what I see at Washington Monthly's comment section.