Wednesday, April 15, 2009

D-Bags with Teabags: Austin Edition

Ok folks, I had a little surprise for you as I was planning to do some original reporting by actually going to the Teabag event here in Austin, taking pictures and maybe even interviewing a few Teabaggers.  Unfortunately, me being a CPA and this being tax day, I got too busy and couldn't make it out for the event, as I had a post office across town to get to.  

But...I happened to catch the Teabag parade on their way to Townlake, so I whipped out my camera and was able to take three pictures while driving by.  As you can guess, I really wasn't able to see where I was pointing the camera, as I was kind of driving at the time, but I think these three pictures capture my experience fairly well.  This was the front of the parade, close to the end of their route and no, it didn't look like the crowd got any thicker than this.  But I could be wrong.  Again, I was driving at the time.

Anyway, here's how I got teabagged in Austin, Texas.  These were taken around 5:30 on Cesar Chavez St, close to downtown (and yes, I'm sure there's some irony that this d-bag parade was associated with a famous labor leader.)  I believe you can click on the pics for a bigger version.

Needless to say, my favorite guy is Mr. End the Red (or perhaps that's End the Fed, I'm not sure).  Between the masking tape message on his best black suit, cottonswab-like Supercuts hairdo, and steely-gaze looking into the depths of my soul, this guy scores big time.  Were this my parade, I would have put that guy front and center.  When he makes a fashion statement, he really makes a fashion statement.  I'd like to believe this guy goes to work like that everyday.  Someone needs to get him some black loafers, though.

And hey, is that an actual Confederate soldier next to the stoned-looking guy with the Texas flag and double-chins?  Man, these people take their government protests seriously.  And what's with the guy in the red shirt with the sign around his neck?  Seriously, are we expected to stop him and read the damn thing?  It's a parade, numbnuts.  We're not going to read your thesis on the immorality of taxes.  My suggestion: No Blood for Taxes.

And would it do any good to mention to Mr. Taxation Without Representation that, being a Republican in Texas, he actually has more government representation than a large majority of folks in the city he's in?  Probably not.  I doubt that phrase means what they think it means.  I wonder how much representation the folks who got delayed on their way home during rush hour had.  I really don't remember anyone asking my permission for these jackasses to block-off our streets.  Luckily, I was heading in the opposite direction, as I had that post office to get to.

Not much to say about this one, except that I really like the image of the car with the anti-W sticker passing in front of them.  I'm sure there's some level of symbolism here or something.  And seriously, I would never dream of treading on the woman in the purple striped shirt (assuming that's a woman).  I might tread on the dork with the Don't Tread flag, however.  He just looks like he's begging for an ass-kicking.

And this was my final shot, with the Talk Radio van blocking my view.  Yeah, it's kind of pointless, but hey, if you only have three shots, you go with three shots.  Again, I'm sure there's some kind of symbolism here.

And that's it: My first teabagging.  Not as exciting as I had been led to believe, but perhaps they'll get better with experience.


merlallen said...

I think the don't tread on me person is a man.Or something close to it.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Please help yourself to a free bee.