Sunday, December 16, 2007

Managerial Jail Rape Probabilities

Here's a story about how they're trying to reform the juvenile prison system here in my home state of Texas. But that some people don't think they've done enough. Here's a quote from one of the state legislators who has worked to reform the system and thinks they've seen progress:

"We probably don't have management raping kids now," said state Rep. Jerry Madden.

Wow, that is progress...probably. He also says:

"I'm beginning to have a little confidence that improvements are being made. But we need to see results."

Uhm, did he mean to say that he's starting to have confidence, even though we haven't seen results? But...but...but, we probably don't have management raping kids. and that's a kind of result, isn't it?

I honestly have no idea why some people think treating someone like shit will get them to start treating others with respect, but I'd sure like to see a bigger push on rehabilitation instead of punishment.

Sure, some people are beyond redemption, and it's possible that punishment makes some people reform. But for the most part, people who get treated like shit will eventually want to treat someone else like shit to compensate. It's just human nature, particularly among people with violent natures and lower IQ's; ie, many of the people who go to jail. Payback might make you feel better, but it does little to help others.

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