Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Church Thing

I'm continually amazed whenever I find out that someone I know actually goes to church. I guess I just like sleeping in on Sundays too much, but imagine that, even if I were a believer, I still wouldn't go to church. Even more amazing is the number of people I know who assume that I go to church, just because I act like a decent person. I just don't get it.

I've always disliked going to church. And having read the bible, I'm still unclear on why church is necessary. If anything, I find that going to church would be more offensive to God than not going to church. Because it's as if going to church is considered a substitute for actually being good. It's like Saturday School. One of my kids had to go to school on Saturday to make up for having too many tardies. But he didn't have to do anything. They go in earlier than a normal school day, but can read books, listen to iPods, or even chat with friends. The teacher doesn't care. Just as long as they show up on time and don't leave early. And that makes everything better.

That's what church seems like to me. Like it's for people who want to do good, but can't. So they're allowed to pretend to be good for one hour a week and it makes everything better. I understand religion, but I don't understand church. It's like they go just because they think they're supposed to go. My son recently went to Saturday School because his new girlfriend had to go to Saturday School and he wanted to keep her company. Again, sounds like church to me.

I even know one guy who seriously suggested that I start going to church because it would be good for networking. He didn't even care if I believed in God. He just thought it'd be good for business. And I agree with that. While I doubt that going to church would do any good for my soul, it'd probably be good for my business. And to think, I'm the one considered the heretic.

These people really don't know what they're talking about. And I'm much too nice a guy to tell that to them. I guess that's why they assume I go to church. Because they can't imagine that anyone would actually want to be good unless they had to. And I guess that's probably why they go to church. Because they wouldn't be good people otherwise.

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