Wednesday, May 04, 2005

South Park Liberals

I guess I'm not the only one talking about the South Park Republicans. I was just over at Digby's bodacious site, and he had the balls to actually print some of that stuff. And let me tell you, they really had me going for awhile there; those South Park guys. But I just read through the comments section over at Digby's board, and was totally set straight on this stuff by all the liberal South Park fans.

It turns out that I had completely misread the show. Completely. You see, when they have all those characters say all those rude things about environmentalists, and welfare people and cripples; and when they portray liberal-types in a really bad way, and blow up liberal celebrities; they don't really mean those things. In fact, they're making fun of the very people that they sound exactly like. It's satire. Just like it's satirical when they pretend to make fun of social conservatives and Christians. They don't mean it. It's all just satire to teach you to not make fun of Christians and their god. That makes perfect sense.

I'll admit that at first it was a little hard for me to pick up on that, seeing as how they sounded exactly like many real conservatives I know; to the point that the satire seemed to completely escape me. I mean, we seem to be laughing with them rather than at them; but I get it now. I was wrong. I'm a reformed man.

But I'm not stopping with South Park. Hell no. This man's got a whole new perspective. The reason why those South Park characters sounded just like regular conservatives is because they're all being satirical. They're all making fun of bigots and stereotypes. Every last conservative is trying their level best to skewer everything we perceive to be conservative. They don't mean any of it, even if they think that they do. Oh no. They're hyper-genius jokers trying to teach us lessons on how not to act. Reverse-psychology, I think it's called. And they're masters of it.

And of course this means that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are satirical performance artists too. And O'Reilly really had me going with the whole disgusting sex in the shower proposal. The falafel thing really should have been a dead give away. I couldn't use one of those things for weeks. I had thought that O'Reilly was just another rightwing hypocrite blowhard. But now I realize that he was really just trying to teach us a lesson about personal hygiene and phone sex.

Damn damn, damnable damny damn. I've been bloggered! Something happened and my post never got sent. And I used Blogger's newfangled Recover Post feature, but it didn't recover the whole thing. Just the first part. And I honestly don't have it in me now to finish it again. It was good. Dammit! Why do I trust them. Until earlier today, I had always used a backup system to make sure that this kind of crap wouldn't get me. But then I stopped doing it because I didn't think it was necessary. And now I've lost the rest of my post. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

Man oh man, am I pissed. I went on and talked about President Bush being the ultimate reverse-psy guy, and how he was obviously trying to encourage liberals to study economic and tax policy more. And a little more about Rush Limbaugh being a bigot idiot and drug-induced hypocrite and how that was really for our benefit, and how it was "the funniest fucking show on private radio". And how the best part of listening to his show was knowing that he was mocking the very people he pretended to represent. Except I wrote it much better than that. And now it's gone. All gone.

Oh well. You got the gist of it, and it's not like this was my best post. But I really hate losing these things. Once it's written, the magic's gone and I just can't remember a damn thing I wrote. Even worse, I waste my time trying to recreate what I wrote; when it would be just as easy to spew out something else. This stuff really isn't hard for me; with my only real problem being just trying to keep it short. But once I've typed it... Oh well. I was being kind of an asshole, so I guess I deserved it anyway. I'll try to be more careful next time.

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