Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Respect

People are starting to get it, but I just don't see what took them so long. By "it", I mean the fact that conservatives live in a fantasy-world where they'd rather focus on what they want to believe, rather than seeing things how they really are. My god, how many times do we have to see this phenomenon before we realize that it's real? After all, they outright tell us that they support propaganda and deceptions; but we're so busy with our head's up our own asses that we don't realize that they mean it. They fucking support propaganda. They outright tell us that anything short of lying propaganda is traitorous "blame America" blasphemy; and yet we continue to take them seriously.

Moreover, these are not people who disagree with what America should do. They do not disagree. They disagree as to what fucking reality is. They tell us this implicitly. If the facts were different, they'd be on our side. They'd support welfare if they thought it could work. And they'd be pro-abortion and pro-gay if they thought their god would approve. And they only approve of taxcuts if they're not just for the rich, and even then only approve because they believe it will help the economy more than it hurts. And they don't approve of torture, they just don't think it's happening. They tell us this every damn day, yet we refuse to listen.

So these people don't disagree on the issues. They disagree on the facts. They don't disagree with what reality means. Their problem is with reality itself. And they tell us this. They have the answers they want to see, and they're just trying to find the facts which back up those answers. They'd rather not know the truth, if the truth gives them answers they don't want to hear.

But if the facts would make them agree with us, all we need to do is focus on giving them the facts; not in interpreting what those facts mean. After all, they have to already know what the facts mean for them to be able to know which ones to ignore. So we don't need to focus on convincing them that welfare is good or that torture is bad; we need to show them that welfare works and that torture is real. They tell us this all the time. So why aren't we listening???

Why We Do It

Maybe it has to do with the liberal trait of doubting oneself in order to make sure that we're seeing the truth. Kind of like in movies, how people ask to be pinched to make sure they're not dreaming. You don't want to commit to something that you're not sure about. And there's nothing wrong with that. Self-doubt is an essential tool for becoming a better person. You can't improve yourself if you don't know what's wrong with you in the first place. That's what makes us liberals.

But I don't think that's what it is. I think the truth is that it is a self-indulgence by liberals to tsk-tsk everything the conservatives do. It's just more fun to look down at people with ridicule and scorn than it is to understand them and want to help them. And we'd lose the fun of the tsk-tsking if we acknowledged the truth: Our opponents are not sane people and they're in serious need of help. Seriously. They are insane people who will do anything to stay in their fantasy-world, rather than join us in reality and try to solve the problems of society and humanity.

Oh no. Their lives are much more fun if they can pretend that they deserve to be Americans with a good life; as if they did something special to be born white in America. And it's more fun for them to pretend that it is their "personal responsibility" that grants them the right to rule the world. Even if their own personal life sucks, which it does; and which is why they have to blame everyone else for their life sucking. "If only the liberals and the liberal media would stop such-and-such, life would be grand," they believe. This, from the "personal responsibility" crowd. Always blaming others. And they blame others for blaming everyone else. My god, we need a new level of irony just to handle these people.

And are we trying to help them? Oh no. Our lives are much more fun if we can shake our heads and say "See, see. That's who we're up against. Barbarians. Stupid barbarians. I told you so." And that's all fine and dandy, but what the fuck are we going to do about it? You. What are you doing to fix these fuckers? These people are mentally ill and do not fully live in reality. And all you can do is blame them, rather than trying to help them. Snark is fun, but it achieves little.

I'm Pissed

And what's got me pissed off? I'll tell you. I just read Kevin Drum referring to an email posted by Andy Sullivan regarding the same god damn phenomenon that I just mentioned, and that I've been mentioning for some time now. And from someone who's just noticing it no less. So I'm seeing two of the biggest named bloggers giving honors to some dude who's just jumped on the boat that I've been riding on for some time now. And no mention of Biobrain at all. Nada. That's what's got me pissed.

Not like I'm suggesting that I'm the first one to notice this. But I would like some kind of props on this. And maybe it doesn't need to be me. But what the hell did that letter writer have that I didn't have? Kevin Drum won't even acknowledge my remarks when I do him the honor of ranting my prose in his comments section. And Sully hasn't even once responded to the few emails I've sent him about what the hell his problem is and what he needs to do to correct it (I'd tell you, but it's a personal matter).

So that's what's got me steamed. I put a lot of work into this stuff, and I can't stand being upstaged by a damnable two-bit emailer. Who the hell is he that he gets cited in two bigtime blogs, when I can't even get on either of their blogrolls? Why should anyone bother with his stuff, when I've got the goods right here. And with links, no less.

I should mention that I'm not really pissed at all, except pissed drunk and just wanted to rant out a little bit, even though I'm not actually upset. It just sounds funnier that way. Anyway, I've got another post I just thought of regarding this exact subject, and it's better than this one. So I'll be cutting this short. But if you happen to see Drum or Sullivan in the next few days, you might want to give them my regards and let them know that I'm watching them. And I expect results! I'm on the cutting edge of this whole crazy conservative thing, and if they're not careful, I'll be mopping the dust with their fine linens and silk doodads. Whatever that means. And I expect results!

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