Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bush: Bold As Love

I was just reading Kevin Drum over at Washington Monthly quoting some Republican dude referring to Social Security reform and saying, "In this environment, I just can't see it. The Democrats are so negative. Even people who will normally look at things, are saying, 'No way on this one. We're blood brothers.'"

Who the hell are they kidding? This has nothing to do with the Democrats. Or next to nothing, anyway. The Republicans know better than we do that the Democrat's opposition has nothing to do with this. Hell, they want Democratic opposition to Bush's bills. They cherry-pick a handful of Dems through bribery, threats, and lies; and then pray that the rest of the party kicks and screams all the way until the bill is signed into law. That's how they convince the rubes that it's good policy; because the Democrats oppose it.

Sure, I'm glad that the Dems are doing it. And if they were onboard Bush's trainwreck, they'd surely deserve the blame as much as Bush does. Maybe more. But it's not the Democrat's fault that the train is derailing. Not at all. The reason Social Security reform is a no-go is because it's fucking unpopular. It's god damn unpopular. Not just with Dems, or just with those who lean-left; but with most red-blooded red-staters themselves. Gay marriage, that's a gimme. But Social Security is something real that these people use. And that's why Social Security reform will fail, despite the Democrat's opposition, not because of it.

And who couldn't see this coming from a mile away? I mean, Bush and the media like to pretend he's a bold leader, but who are they fooling? Nobody, really. Tax cuts and pre-emptive war may be dangerous and stupid policies, but they were surely always popular; particularly with Bush lovers. Bush supporting those issues is like Willy Wonka handing out licorice and lollipops at a Wiggles concert and pretending it makes him a bold leader. Except Willy Wonka has a bold and successful candy company; while Bush...

The only thing bold about this president is his bold penchant for bullshit. It's bold for him to pretend to be a ranching, straight-talking Texan who takes chances and goes against the wind; when he's really a two-faced halfwit who will say anything to empower his friends and stoke his own ego. And the only reason he can do that is because the media are unwitting accessories. But the idea that he is some tough-guy cowboy who pushed for his beliefs and supported unpopular, unpolled positions; that's a laugh. The reason they have to keep telling us that is because it's so completely untrue.

And so what do the Republicans do? They lash out at the Dems for blocking the unpopular plan. And why? So they can pretend that the Dems are in control of the government, and are to blame for gridlock and thwarting the President's agenda. Well the only thing thwarting the President's agenda IS the President's agenda. It's a horrible policy, and Bush and his goons deserve to go down in flames for trying to mess with the American people's will.

Moral: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but god dammit, leave their money alone.
And: Everyone loves a tax cut, but nobody wants to pay for it.

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