Thursday, September 06, 2012

Things to Blog About

Over on Facebook a friend made a request for topics to write about for a new blog she's writing on, which could involve just about anything.  And hey, coming up with things to write about is my specialty.  Finding the time to write them is a bit more difficult, which is why I have tons of posts you've never seen.  But thinking of topics is easy.  So I gave her a few to get her started, and she actually used one; though she altered it anyway.  But hey, I helped.

I decided to go ahead and repost my list here, in case any of y'all need blog topics to write about, so feel free to steal.  Just don't forget where you got them from.

Why aliens wouldn't want to probe you.
What's up with the Pope?
Are ghosts affected by gravity?
Why there's more proof of the Easter Bunny than Yahweh.
How about them gnostics?
What to do with bible trolls.
Six ways religious people embarrass themselves.
Why I wouldn't want to go to Heaven anyway.
How to piss people off without even trying.
When not to admit you're an atheist.
The Apostle I'd most like to marry.
Things to do when you're drunk and alone.
Things not to do when you're drunk and alone.
Seven reasons you shouldn't marry a Christian.
Why you shouldn't hurt people too much.
How to flirt at a funeral.
Cows are people too.
Where to find liberals.
Why are people scared of ghosts anyway?
The best marriage ceremonies for atheists.
What if god is an alien?
Why I think Obama is a closet atheist.
When it's ok for a vegan to eat meat.
How to explain god to a six year old atheist.
Why Jesus would be a good dad.

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