Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mitt Romney Sucks

Over on Facebook someone posted a quote from someone saying that the only reason 90% of Republicans were going to vote for Romney was because he's not Obama.  Here was my reply, which I swear, was only meant to be a few lines.

That can't be right. It's got to be closer to 99.7%, with the other 0.3% preferring him because they feel they can relate to him.

I mean, seriously. The guy's got nothing to like policy-wise, even if you were looking for something to like. He doesn't have an economic policy or a foreign policy or an immigration policy or any other policy of any kind. He has vague statements that change from day-to-day and are often mutually incompatible even as he says them. The guy not only changes his positions daily, he doesn't even understand what a proper position is. He's such a shambles that his campaign has actually *admitted* that this is the strategy on a few occasions. Which not only means that they must be talking about this in private, but that he's such a terrible judge of character that he surrounds himself with such dumdums. Mr. Etch-a-Sketch indeed.

And the only reason he won the nomination is because, unlike his competitors, nobody actually thought he was crazy enough to believe what he was saying and assumed he was just playing a game on the rubes. So essentially, the only reason they hired him was because he was an empty suit who was all over the map and didn't have any core values to scare anyone away. Plus, he's relatively handsome, can sound intelligent in soundbites, doesn't have a racist past or southern accent, and most importantly, had Deathstar money to blast his competitors to smithereens. Which was fine, until he faced off against Obama, who also has Deathstar money, and he knows how to use it.

So none of this was unexpected. This was the plan. We're currently on the glide path to exactly where we were expected to be, and the only doubt at the time was how bad the economy would be at this point. But Romney's campaign's doing so terrible that even an under-performing job market isn't enough to help him.

But we already *knew* Romney's campaign sucked. After all, his toughest competitors were Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Newt Fucking Gingrich. I mean, seriously. Herman Cain hasn't even held elected office and the other two got chased out of office. But of course, so did Romney. And why? Because he's absolutely terrible at politics. Simply dreadful. Hell, this guy's the guy nobody wanted back when nobody wanted McCain, and he hasn't gotten any better.  I don't know what George Romney ever taught his son, but it obviously wasn't politics or people skillz.

So back to the point, seeing as how this wasn't meant to be longer than a sentence or two when I started. Nobody wants Romney because he's Romney. They want him because he's the Republican, period. And they don't even want him that much. But I can imagine that there are a few super-millionaires and billionaires out there who truly would like someone they can relate to in the Oval Office. I doubt Bush did it for them. Probably because he had too much personality and the ultra-rich find that to be so gauche. An empty suit like Romney is definitely more their style.

Doesn't Look Like He's Held A Baby Before

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