Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Beats Zombie Existence

Over on Facebook, a friend reposted the picture below, reposted by Star Trek's George Takei; to which I wrote the comment below.

The thing is, this really makes sense, because life is just so pointless. Give a man a gun and show him where the enemy is, he'll know what to do. You point, you shoot, done deal. Add in a leader to tell him when it's time to move and when it's time to eat, sleep, and piss; he's set. And as long as the enemy is a zombie or other obvious evil, there are no moral qualms about what you're doing. Shoot your neighbor, go to jail. Shoot your zombie neighbor, you're a hero. That's something we all can understand.

But regular life...where life and death isn't really on the line, is pointless and stupid. Tell me I need to wake up at six in the morning because my life depends upon it, I'll do it. Tell me I need to wake at six in the morning because you're my boss and you arbitrarily decided what time I needed to be at a computer pressing numbers that I could have just as easily started pressing two hours later and I'll tell you to go to hell.  And then I'll get fired.

And that's why most people are so miserable, because they rarely have any real problems to deal with. Just bullshit problems created by bullshit people who are equally bored with their own bullshit existence and have to make shit up just to pretend like there's a reason to exist.

Shooting zombies and living to survive would be fucking awesome. Trying to live a happy life without being crushed by the man is difficult.

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Doctor Biobrain said...

For the record, I am *NOT* unhappy with my life; nor am I without direction. Just explaining why so many people are.