Friday, March 02, 2012

Bad Guys Get Prison Too

Life's not fair.  The bad guys win too often.  There's not enough justice in the world.  These are facts of life and they will NEVER fully go away.  I mean, seriously, even in the perfect Star Trek universe with replicators and tricorders that can make you alive just by waving them around a few times, you still had conmen and injustice.  That's just the way things are, and while things have certainly been worse than they are now, things could be a heckeva lot better.

I say that to establish my bonafides as someone who sees injustice as an on-going problem we have and I'm not trying to whitewash anything.  And really bugs the hell out of me every time I read people complain about how no Wall Street bankers have been arrested.  I mean, seriously?  None of them?  Not a single arrest?  The SEC gave them all a free pass?  Really? 

I mean, how can people believe such drivel?  Do they not read the news?  Have they no access to the internet?  I mean, yeah, they've got to have internet access, or I wouldn't be able to read this crap.  But I'm wondering if it's maybe some closed-loop AOL-type internet, that doesn't have access to the outside world.  How else could it be that they somehow miss all the stories I keep reading about? 

Does Bernie Madoff not mean anything to them?  How about Allen Stanford?  And sure, those are only two guys, but we only know them because they were so rich and powerful.  So if super-wealthy guys get taken down...shouldn't it be safe to assume that other cheaters got taken down, too?  I mean, at least one other guy, right?

Yet I see this complaint all the time.  One of my friends on Facebook, who is someone I actually like btw, posted this image on his wall:
Right. And I'm sure that the person who created that imagine really believed it too.  They weren't attempting to deceive anyone.  They just thought about unfair the world is.  All those peaceful protesters arrested, and not a single corrupt banker. Of course it must be true. Why would so many people keep saying it unless it's true.

And that's why I'm thankful tor this government site:, which gives all the gritty details as to who's getting arrested and how many years in prison they're getting.  They even have a news section, which focuses on news stories of corrupt bankers, inside traders, Ponzi schemers, and other financial evil doers going down.  Even if you don't read the stories, it feels nice to skim through the headlines, just to see all the jerkoffs getting at least some of what they deserve.

So the next time you or someone you love gets overly upset about all the financial chicanery in the world, you can just go to that site and see that not all bad deeds go unpunished.  Things ain't as good as they should be, but they aren't nearly as bad as we're told.

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