Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Harry Reid: My Hero

Doctor Biobrain has much more to say on this subject, but in a relatively brief post regarding Harry Reid's criticism woes, the Doctor has this to say:

One of the primary lessons to be learned from Republicans is that you should always attack your political opponent's strengths and not waste time attacking their weaknesses. We traditionally base our strategies on real-world ideas, such as always attacking your enemy at their weakest point. But politics are not based on the real-world, but rather on perceptions. It's not necessary to destroy your enemy as you do on the battlefield. It is only necessary to give the appearance of destruction. And the best way to do that is to attack your enemy's strength, denying them the ability to use it, while forcing them to rely on their weaknesses.

And that's why you should generally assume that whatever the Republicans attack are the things that they fear most, and the place they try to lead you to is the place you should not be.

In this case, they are attacking Harry Reid for being "an obstructionist". And that should only mean that they don't want him to be an obstructionist and are trying to lead him down the path of sterile lamb. Just as they've done with most of Democrats. And fortunately for us, Reid is a streetfighter and he damn well knows this game too well. I was somewhat bitter when Daschle lost in November, but now I'm really glad they got him out of the way. He was always too coy and soft, and lacked the boldness to play the game by the conservative's rules. They fight dirty and while I don't necessarily want Reid to fight dirty, I at least want him to adopt a strategy attacking their dirty tricks rather than pretending that the Republicans are playing fair. The Republicans will do and say anything to get their way and it looks like Reid's going to address that.

I really don't have much more to say on this subject for the time, I just wanted to mention it now. This will eventually lead me into a much longer post on the subject of strengths and weaknesses and how we should use them.

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