Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day, Y'all

For Labor Day, I'm doing the least laborious thing, by reposting stuff I wrote on Facebook.  Enjoy!

So wait, Mitt secures the GOP nomination and then...goes on vacation in Vermont? Really??

Looks like a basic admission that he felt his only real job was to line up as Obama's opponent and the rest was out of his hands. Of course, what should you expect from a man who hasn't had a job in six years yet still makes more money than most of us could dream about. Or one who failed at his last job, yet still thinks his record is good enough for a huge promotion.

Geez, at least Bush liked campaigning, and only set the presidential vacation record after he won. Apparently, even *that* is too hard for ol' Mitt Romney.

And Paul Ryan lied about a...marathon?

Generally speaking, when people lie about big things it's understandable. When people lie about little things, it's pathological. Shaving over an hour off your marathon time is pathological, and indicates that Ryan has a total disregard for reality. But then again, having seen his "plan" for our future, that isn't at all surprising.

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Kevin Robbins said...

I remember a month or so ago Romney backed out of a campaign swing in Florida because of "exhaustion." Not sure he's up to the rigors of the office. Can't imagine the bleeting on the right if Obama did that.