Friday, October 02, 2009

The Absurdity of ACORN Election Fraud

Some conspiracies are better than others, and it's a good test of your intellectual honesty if you know how to spot the bad ones.  And regarding the attack on Obama that ACORN stole the election for him, absolutely dreadful.  I mean, seriously, how could they have pulled it off?  The rest of this is a comment I left at a conservative blog which seriously suggested ACORN gave Obama the election.

Seriously, how could ACORN have achieved such a thing? Take North Carolina, a close win for Obama: He won by 14,177 votes. But for good measure, they'd want to have at least 20,000 fraud votes on their side and probably many more as they wouldn't know how many fake votes they needed until afterwards. So how could they arrange that sort of thing, without one of the people involved confessing to this army of fraud voters? Remember, we're talking a minimum of 20,000 fraud votes without anyone getting caught. How could they do it?

Or how about the 35,000 minimum needed in Indiana? Or the 150,000 fraud votes in New Mexico? Or the 300,000 fraud votes in Virginia? How could they possibly pull this sort of thing in so many different states without anyone noticing or getting caught or confessing? To suggest that ACORN gave Obama the election would be to suggest that they pulled off the greatest scheme in history without getting caught. This, from a group that gets bamboozled by two rich white kids pretending to be street hustlers. I don't think so.

And hey, I'm not trying to get on your case. I'm just trying to help you think through this a bit. There is no evidence to suggest that any major election fraud occurred and everything you're mentioning is voter registration fraud; not election fraud. And the idea that ACORN somehow gave Obama a million mystery votes without getting caught is entirely absurd, and it would probably have been larger than that. Trust me, you don't sound like a bad guy, but you really have to question this stuff a bit more.

And as a comical end note, one of the links this guy gave of "ACORN voter fraud," was only about voter registration fraud and ended with:
And good luck on Election Day, when your GOTV teams try to round up "Mick E. Mouse" and "Don L. Duck" to go to the polls.

Yes, thanks for the luck.  I'm sure we'll need it.

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Scott P said...

I just did a post that hit in some of the same ideas. The bug up the Right's ass about ACORN boils down to one thing -- ACORN's constituency. The majority of people they help are either poor and/or minority. The millions of people ACORN has legally registered to vote don't generally vote Republican. So obviously any group that does a lot of good for people who don't like you is evil and must be stopped.