Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blood for Ghraib

Hey folks. Been busy lately so I haven't had much time to write, but just wanted to remind everyone about how much I truly hate Bush, America, and everything good and holy. Additionally, I hope the troops all die, our media continues to fool Americans, and that our partisan-based obstructionism finally begins to prevail. And don't forget about my cowardly obedience to my Islamofascist masters. Sure, liberals traditionally oppose theocracies, but that's just due to self-loathing of our white Christian heritage. And yes, I have been reading rightwing blogs today.

Oh, and here's my Quote of the Day:
The Iraq War was a godsend for the American left, something they'd have had to invent if it hadn't happened on its own.

That's right. It happened on its own. And oh, what a godsend! After all, we don't really care about human suffering. We just like to make America look bad. I guess that would make Bush the ultimate godsend.

Damn. I just read the source material, and got another good quote:
I recall watching the smoke from the towers late in the day, exhausted from stress and emotions I could scarcely identify, and thinking, "They'll never be able to defile this."

Yes. On 9/11, a conservative was concerned that mass destruction and death might be defiled; and now believes that we did defile it. This brings up the obvious question: What planet are these people from and how do we send them back?

P.S. I still hate baseball, mothers, and apple pie; though my hatred of democracy has waned somewhat since I discovered that Bush really wasn't so crazy about it either. Dictatorships sure sound a heck of a lot better, until you realize that he might be the dictator. I can't wait for the Islmofascists to take over.

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Fade said...

i do believe this is the greatest post you have ever.. posted.

Of course, that could be my fifteenth budweiser talking.

Really, tho, The Left tried to Stop OUR "Godsend" we tried like hell. Obviously, we didnt try hard enough. I wonder if some drunken "rightist" is lamenting his failure to stop 9-leven at this moment.. somehow, I dont think so.