Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Pro-Life Organist

In a brewing “Party of Death” debate between the world-renowned Publius of Legal Fiction and Feddie of Southern Appeal (in which Pub won with the first shot, and we’re just waiting to see if he can properly mop-up the post-debate mess); I caught this comment by pro-life commenter Lucas:

“i am not even an organ donor because i do not want someone to stop working on me or in some cases to keep working on me, just to get my heart”

I hope to god this is parody. I read all of Lucas’ other comments on that board, and I honestly have no idea if he’s serious. It’s all the stuff I might write, except that it’s a tad too broad and doesn’t contain the necessary hypocrisy to fully push it into satire. Even worse, I’m afraid the guy’s retarded or something. I once got in a debate at Legal Fiction that concluded by me realizing that the conservative I was debating against truly wasn’t playing with a full deck. And why not? There are crazy and stupid people out there; and thanks to AOL, it’s easier than ever for them to contact us.

But really, this was just too much. A dude dares to call himself “pro-life,” yet he refuses to allow his unneeded organs to be used to save lives? He could personally save a few lives, yet he refuses because he’s afraid that someone will pull the plug on his vegetative ass? That’s outrageous.

And again, this might well be parody. If so, it was the best comment he gave. Not only was it terribly ignorant, but it was truly hypocritical and selfish. In other words: Bulls-eye. But nobody else seemed to think he was joking and he did leave a lot of comments. So I’m guessing we really did stumble on yet another loon. At a rightwing site, no less. And isn’t that just the worst: That the best thing you can hope for someone is that they were being satirical? I’ve often wondered if that’s what some people are for: To remind you not to be so stupid.


BillD said...

Doctor, I too have been following this debate. I will simply say that I would hate to buy Feddie for what he thinks he is worth and then sell him for what I could get. But, this attitude is fairly common among young lawyers.

As far as Lucas is concerned, I think he is absolutely serious.

Steve Dillard (aka Feddie) said...


There's no question that the initial purchase would set you back quite a bit.

But as far as my resale value goes, that would depend entirely upon the buyer's intended us for me, now wouldn't it?

Oh, and doc, methinks Lucas is a tad out there. But if you read SA more than once every six months, you'd know that.

Rosie said...

People really do believe that if you have "Donor" on your drivers license that you may not receive all the lifesaving measures that you would otherwise.

Like my mom, for one. And probably all her dittohead friends, too.

It's a wacky world.

josh narins said...

Welcome to my world.[1]

My first exposure to politics online was AOL chat rooms, "From the Left" "From the Right" and "Politics-Debate"

The seething, vitriolic hatred was palpable. I'd have to say that, overall, the dumbest of the dumb were right-wingers, but there were some non-dumb righties and some lefties who weren't as well informed as one might hope.

Lucas is probably real. When I do satire like that ("Imagine, the gall of people born on the other side of the border wanting to be on this side!") I at least make sure the grammar and punctuation are right. It's the contrast (proper grammar and improper ideas) that makes it work.

I am not a kitty. I like to hash it out, to expose myself to the worst of the right to understand what there actual good points are. To deny that there are any good points isn't a smart strategy, knowing your "enemy" is. Lately I have slacked off, but for a while I was a regular commenter on Art Chrenkoff's blog about how great Iraq is, and Marvin Olasky's "World" magazine blog. Olasky wrote "Compassionate Conservatism" in 2000, GW Bush wrote the forward. Olasky's earlier work, the Tragedy of American Compassion, was handed out to the incoming Republican Congresscritters by Newt Gingrich in 1994.

If they are big enough to allow comments, they deserve a little respect, anyway.

Their ignorance is astounding,
their vitriol offputting,
their stupidity sometimes completely impermeable,
but they are humans,
and if we win, we'll want them supporting us.

By the way, I followed a link from C&L.

josh narins said...

Oh, [1] was supposed to be a footnote to

A pun, so to speak.