Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Condi for President?

If the next president is a Republican (god forbid), would you prefer that Condi Rice be president, vice-president, or neither?  Assuming, of course, that you wouldn’t know who the alternative would be; but that it would surely be an electable Republican (ie, not Cheney).  How about it?  Condi for President?


Dan said...

Absolutely not.

Nobody from this malignant administration has any role in public office. Rice has been a full-bore participant in possibly the most incompetent, dishonest and ineffective foreign policy shows ever run.

She was National Security Advisor for 9 months before 9-11. Think her "advice" might have included "Hey, let's read this memo about Bin-Laden attacking the US before taking off on a 3-week vacation?"

She was part of the administration that never gave Clarke any time with the President to make his case about the dangers of terrorism. She was focused on NMD until 9-11. That's about the only upshot of 9-11 is that NMD got mostly shelved.

Her evasive testimony to the 9-11 commission on the subject would have been comedic if the subject not so serious.

Her failures are only less known, and herself less despised by the public because of her relatively low-profile role.

As Sec-State I don't have much to say, she's failed to make any improvements in Iraq, but then it was already a full blown catastrophe by the time she got the job. Of course, as NSA she had a large part in making said catastrophe, but she doesn't get all the credit there.

Also, I really do think it would be a tragic irony if the first woman and first black to hold either executive office in the US came from a party so contrary to the interests of either group. That alone could set back the civil and women's rights movements as a rhetorical device "Why do blacks/women need help with X, when they can even become (vice) President?"

Bibblesnæð said...

Amen, Dan.
Rice is loathesome.
It's a shame how she squandered her amny obvious gifts:
She's awfully smart; I don't know where awfully smart ends and brilliant begins, but she's in the neighborhood.
She obviously has phenominal drive and determination. She's accomplished a great deal professionally--all the way up to heading Stanford before her political career--and still has time to be a classical concert pianist.
But she threw all that away to climb on board the worst, mist inept and amoral administration in our history.
Dan's right. Everything that's gone wrong in the last 6 years will have her fingerprints all over it, too.
That alone disqualifies her.
And there's a personal reason, too. Whenever I see her I just want to punch her stupid face. I couldn't handle looking at those teeth or that head (she looks like one of those bobble-headed dolls) for 4 years.

Beth said...

I love "in the neighborhood between awfully smart and brilliant" paired with "I'd like to punch her stupid face."

I think that cuts right to the heart of what's wrong in modern politics, and only beg to differ about the "between awfully smart and brilliant" bit, because personally I think she's just an incredibly well-educated schmuck.

Heraldblog said...

The Bush Presidency has so lowered the bar for what would make a good President as to make your question meaningless. Condi would be better that Bush. Al Sharpton would be better than Bush. Dead Ronald Reagan would be way better than Bush.