Thursday, April 21, 2005

Unpaid Endorsement

I cannot more highly recommend Netflix. I just started with them recently, so I can't swear that the service will always be good (though it was). But the movie selection is over the top. And the must have, gotta get DVD for everyone with a brain is Yes, Minister. It has everything you might ever want to know about how government works, and more than you could ever imagine. And it's funnier than a cat with a beehive. I swear. I couldn't recommend it any more if they paid me; though I wouldn't stop them from trying. This is required viewing for all visitors of my site. You'll never look at politics the same way again.

And rather than pay too much for cable, just to end up watching the Dukes of Hazzard every night on CMT; I can watch the absolutely best stuff out there. Don't get me wrong. Those Duke boys can be pretty entertaining for a week or two. But after awhile, even Daisy's fake charm starts to wear thin. And what is up with their damn legal system? You commit some heinous crime and steal a police car while taking the sheriff hostage with his own gun; and all you have to do is make it to the next scene and they can't arrest you? You're scotfree? Huh? And it's definite amnesty for you if you can make it to the end of the episode; and they always do! That just doesn't make any sense. Boss Hogg would really do himself a big favor if he spent just a little time tweaking the laws of Hazzard County so that they could arrest Bo and Luke Duke the next time that they see them. I'm not talking about a major legislative overhaul. Boss just needs to extend the statue of limitations a little bit; like say for longer than 30 minutes. And he should make it retroactive. And then he could arrest those Duke boys for all their past crimes of theft and kidnapping, resisting arrest, speeding, EVERYTHING. They'd get multiple life sentences! And then he would be home free to fulfill all his evil schemes. And don't even get me started on the screwed up laws of physics they've got there. I know they're just hillbillies from Georgia or Mississippi or somewhere, but come on! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that you can't do any that stuff. It's just ridiculous. Jumping through trains. Ha! I tried that just once and I'm still paying off the damages. I should sue those cracker bastards for ever giving me the idea!

Anyway, sorry about that. But that's really what life was like for me before Netflix. And before that, it was Three's Company. Every night after The Daily Show; Three's Company. Another of my childhood favorites that just didn't stand the test of time.

So I recommend Netflix, and I highly recommend that you rent Yes, Minister as your very first selection. It's a four-disc set of the entire show; followed by Yes, Prime Minister, a three-disc set. I recommend you get them all. It's shit your pants funny, but does require a good sherry. I recommend Harvey's.

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