Friday, April 01, 2005

Another Open Letter To Jonathan Chait

Dear Mr. Chait - I'm sorry, but Jonah Goldberg is now officially kicking your ass. His main premise is wrong, but his latest argument is far better than the scattershot you've written. Isn't it about time that you relied upon Biobrain's debating expertise to aid you in your duel? You're just a journalist and shouldn't be expected to excel at this kind of thing. But the good Doctor's got the prescription you need right here: link

I would actually recommend that you read all of my posts on your duel, but this latest one is good enough. If you're too proud to rely on some anonymous jerk with a stupid name to help you out, that's fine. I understand that. But this is bigger than you and Jonah. You're representing ALL liberals out there, and when you look bad, we all look bad. And your halfass random arguments are really making us look bad.

So don't do it for me, Mr. Chait. Do it for my children. I would like for them to be able to hold their heads up high some day and say, "I am a liberal". Please help make that a reality by getting your head out of your god damn ass and arguing this punk back into the hole he crawled out of. Jonah Goldberg isn't worthy enough to hold your hat, let alone debate you. Please remind him of that. Thank you.

Doctor Biobrain

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