Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Goldberg Responds

Hey, I'm famous! Looks like Mr. Goldberg linked to me for my letter to Jonathan Chait regarding their duel. Kind of ironic, really. Seeing as how I was writing that letter to the other guy. The power of the internet, eh?

Well, maybe with any luck I can get Jonah to debate with me next. Especially after Chait's tepid start so far. Maybe he didn't get enough sleep, but I was kind of hoping for something with a bit more zing to it. Instead, it seemed a bit meandering, defensive, and like he was in the middle of a tough slogfest, rather than the preparing the opening volley. Goldberg's was the typical response, made especially easy due to Chait's uninspired beginning. When you're debating a disembler, you really have to be more on-target and pointed with your arguments. Maybe he was just playing opossum to lull Goldberg into a false sense of security. Perhaps if I have time tonight, I'll organize my own response to Goldberg's rebuttal and wage a shadow-battle with the pundit superstar. Of course, it was a tad long and meandering in itself, so I might just have to pick a minor issue and run with it. I had thought about doing that anyway, and now I have the added encouragement of knowing that he might actually read it.

Anyway. welcome NRO'ers. Please wipe your feet on the way in. You're welcome to stay as long as no one gets hurt.

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