Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Quote of the Day: Herman Cain Edition

I'm sure going to miss this guy once he's gone.  It's Herman Cain, in an email to his supporters after more allegations of sexual harassment emerged:
when you haven't 'calmed the firestorm' - if only because the people wielding the blow-torches have no intention of putting them out - more experts are put on the air to say this proves you are 'not ready for prime time.' Maybe that would matter if I was trying out for the cast of Saturday Night Live. But this should be a slightly more serious undertaking than that.
What?!  Now, I get what he's trying to say.  But...what?!  Now mind you, this was in the written form.  This wasn't just some nonsense he pulled from the top of his head.  This was an email.  This was planned.

First off, the reason he hasn't "calmed the firestorm" is because his explanations keep shifting and he seemed caught totally flat-footed.  In fact, he kinda sorta has been acting like a guilty guy who isn't sure how much guilt will catch up with him.  And nobody's keeping a blow torch to it.  They're just asking questions because his answers keep changing.  I mean, you don't get to pretend you've already answered the questions if the answers you gave have been proven to be false.  That's just not how this works.  People with good answers don't need to keep changing them.

And who, exactly, does he imagine is putting all these experts on the air to say these things?  Does he honestly imagine there are lots of experts who could look at his trainwreck and say that it shows he can handle the presidency?  Like they're all sitting at home, waiting next to their expert hotline phone for CNN to call and have them explain to America how Cain's shifting explanations strategy could bring peace to the Middle East.  If only they'd call...

Here's a clue, Herman: Maybe the reason all the experts keep saying that you're not ready for primetime is because, duh, you're not.  And yeah, that's got something to do with your shifting explanations and the whole caught flat-footed thing.  And combined with that the fact that he doesn't have real campaign operations set up anywhere and seemed to be on a book promotion right up until the time that Perry pulled a boner; and it's obvious that Cain's fifteen days are just about up.

And yowch, that Saturday Night Live reference was painful.  Like the sort of connection an eight year old might make.  Because yeah, "not ready for primetime" is a Saturday Night Live thing.  And yet...if you're admitting that you're not even ready for Saturday Night Live, doesn't that mean that you're really not ready for the presidency?  And really?  Running for president is more serious than trying out for SNL?  Ya think??

I'm sure going to miss this guy once he's gone.  Does anyone have Alan Keyes on speed dial?  At least we still have Perry.

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