Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Politics Before People

It's really too funny when Republicans attempt to explain why they like Big Government.  Like when they insist that stimulus projects don't stimulate the economy, yet fight to get funding for their districts so they can brag about it to their peeps.  As they explain the hypocrisy, they're against the idea of spending, but figure they'd be foolish to not get money for their constituents if others are getting it.

And yet...why would this be important, unless the money helped their districts?  And if they admit that the money is good for their districts, then...why isn't it good for all districts?  Why isn't it good for America?

And of course, this is really all about them putting their party loyalty first, but if that falls through, they're more than willing to act like liberals and promote government spending for their districts.  Apparently, Keynes only works on the local level, while the money just disappears into a moneyhole once you combine all these districts together.

Similarly, Eric Cantor got caught with his hands in the hypocritical Big Government cookie jar, as he put party needs first by using the FEMA disaster funding as political leverage to please the Tea Partiers.  But once that fell through, he considered it his duty to ensure that his district got disaster funds as soon as possible.

As his spokesman explained it:
The purpose of the call was solely to keep local officials informed on the timeline and process for determination by President Obama and Secretary Napolitano as to whether federal disaster aid will be granted. That is, you know, his job as a Congressman.
Of course, his job as a Congressman.  Too bad his job as a Congressman had to take a backseat to his job as Majority Leader until Democrats finally found an end-run around his little stunt.  And only then is Federal assistance for disaster victims a priority.  Only then is it his job as a Congressman to make sure that these much needed funds get handled properly.

Only after the play is whistled dead and there's no chance for moving the ball that he'll finally get back to the only thing his constituents need him for.  Because yeah, I'm sure the conservatives in his district are proud of him when he fights Obama and the Democrats.  But they'd feel better if Cantor did his job a little more, and kept the silly political games to a minimum.  Sorry I don't have a better ending for this post, but I feel like going to bed.

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