Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clueless Conservative Sobriety Test

As a devout anti-authoritarian, I typically don't like watching police videos, as I usually feel bad for the suspect and these videos almost always involve bossy cops yelling at confused civilians and escalating the situation out of control while always placing the blame on the confused civilian for not being more obedient.

I mean, even when the suspect is clearly in the wrong about something, it's generally the case that the cop could have made things better, had they made an attempt to do so.  But they often teach these people that the only way to control a situation is to establish authority and demand obedience, so that's what they go with.  So if you don't obey every command, even the confusing ones, there's a good chance you'll be arrested and/or tasered.

And then...there are videos like this one, involving Republican state legislator Robert Mecklenborg; Voter ID sponsor and skunk drunk idiot.  It's a long video, but definitely worth the length if you have time.

And wow, that was simply hilarious.  Because first off, Officer McCreary is a funny dude and it was obvious that he knew exactly what was going on, and was just humoring the drunk while subtly mocking him; as if he's seen it a thousand times before.  We're not in Ohio anymore, indeed. 

Reality is for the Other Guy

And what's so funny here is how oblivious Mecklenborg seems to be the whole time.  He seems entirely clueless as to what a drunk test is, imagined he passed the tests instead of failing so badly that he couldn't even complete them, didn't seem to understand what a breathalyzer was, imagined he would be let go if he refused to breathalyze, and finally, thought the cop would remove the handcuffs if he asked him to.  I mean, is this guy part of our reality or what?

And here's the thing: It's quite possible he was playing dumb.  But...why?  Did he imagine the cop would say "Hey, you failed the field sobriety test, couldn't understand the basic words I was telling you, and seem entirely clueless as to what drunk driving is; so I think I'll just let you go home.  Have a nice day!"

Of course not.  So, if it was an act, what did he hope to achieve other than to make a bad situation worse?  I suppose it is possible to talk your way out of a DUI, but this guy wasn't even close.

And that's the thing: Either way the guy is oblivious to reality and seems to lack the basic knowledge people need for daily life.  At a guess, I'm thinking this guy only thinks of drunk driving and arrests in the abstract and didn't realize it could somehow happen to him.  And unfortunately, those are key traits to being a Republican these days, as the more reality based you are, the less likely you are to adopt conservative positions. 

Conservative policies look great, until they actually happen to you.  After that, you'll beg for a little liberal empathy and assistance.


AmPowerBlog said...

Oh, you only feel sorry for someone arrested if they're an opposition party member. Great job, dolt!

Doctor Biobrain said...

What?? Huh? Did you write that backwards or something? I'm thinking you meant to say that I feel sorry for people UNLESS they're an opposition party member.

Not that that's true, as my point had nothing to do with people being arrested, but rather, of the posting of police videos. I generally find police videos to be upsetting for the reason I gave in my post. And the main reason I didn't feel sorry for Mecklenborg is because the cop was a real nice guy and handled the situation very well. If I ever have the misfortune of getting arrested for anything, I'd like it to be someone like him. I've known nice cops before, but usually the ones you see in these sort of police videos are real a-holes, because the nice cops rarely get involved with the sort of incidents that are interesting enough to watch online.

And the reason I posted this was because it helped demonstrate the point about oblivious Republicans who don't see how reality involves them until it bites them in the ass. And then they're completely surprised that bad things could happen to them. Plus, it was funny as hell. If the cop ended up yelling at him or tasing him, I'd never have posted this at all. But this video was all fun.

And seriously, where the hell did you come from? I haven't had anything to do with you since...I don't know when. Are you stalking me, dude?

And really, how does this make me a dolt in any case? Had you called me a partisan hack, I could understand. But a dolt? Are you simply incapable of addressing someone you disagree with unless you include a senseless insult with it? Not that I'm not laughing from it, as you were once the guy who said he NEVER insulted people. Ah, those were the days.

So feel free to insult me all you want. I honestly don't care and it just reminds me of the old Donald Douglas; the intellectual conservative who rejected far-right extremists and still had some semblance of self respect. Who'd of thought you could have gone downhill from there?

AmPowerBlog said...

You're a bleedin' hypocrite!!

Doctor Biobrain said...

So...I'm a hypocrite because I don't like watching videos of people being bullied and tased by police, and I went ahead and posted a video in which the police were very polite and funny and no one got tased?

Right. Methinks you've got this backwards. You don't like me posting this because it was a Republican who acted like a jackass and got arrested, and would be perfectly fine if it were a Democrat who this happened to. I wouldn't at all be surprised to find police videos on your blog depicting liberals being arrested, while you'd refrain from posting this one. Not that I have any plans of visiting your craphole of a blog to find out.

As usual, Donald, the traits you despise most in liberals are mere projections of your own personality. As I've always suspected, the person you hate most is yourself.

Anonymous said...

You're watching the wrong cop videos. The cops they follow on those stupid programs, the camera whores, tend to be stupid cops. Yes, I have seen them escalate situations, I guess because they think it will impress you, the viewer, even though it really makes them look like a meathead or a punk. There was one, this young female officer, who seriously needed an avalanche of citizen complaints dropped on her ass. I'm a public servant, and I would get fired for having her attitude. It was atrocious. (Of course, it was in the South.)

However, dashcam videos in general show a different slice of cop life. The officer is featured not because they wanted to go hollywood but because the suspect has been convicted so you're seeing a public servant carrying out an action and arrest that led to a successful conclusion. You're seeing a different cop.

I kind of like the First 48, too. It features police detectives. Actually, most of them suck, but there's this one guy in Houston who is bilingual and like, a genius. One thing that amazes me is that when any other normal human being would have taken all the circumstantial evidence and been like, that's him, that's the guy, he takes this dude in, talks to him gently, and comes out all "It's not him." And 12 hours later, they've found the actual guy. There have been so many miscarriages of justice where the police declared victory in an investigation too soon. Would that more detectives were like Houston dude.