Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gimme My America Back

And so I was reading this interesting piece about we've blocked off public access to many important buildings in Washington D.C. for better security.  And if you've got a moment, I recommend reading it, because it was fairly interesting.  Go on.  I can wait.

And as I usually do when I read stories on Yahoo, I scanned down to see what the crazies on the messageboard were saying.  I'm not sure why.  Yahoo's messageboard is truly one of the worst cesspools of idiocy I've seen this side of RedState.  Seriously.  Even the smart ones are pretty dumb, and the dumb ones are f-ing scary. 

Here's a sample of some of the crazy I found there:
We are no longer an open society thanks to the radicals most of whom are the Muslims. They can be very warm people just before they cut your head off with what ever is close. Doesn't even have to be sharp.
Wondering Soul

This country has turned into that overbearing government bureaucracy our forefathers fled from. The Constitution, that great historical document is merely words on paper. Our freedoms have been taken away to the point where we are no longer free but subservient to those who hold power and control over us. Wake up America! Shake off those chains which do bind you. Awake and arise! Return this country to its foundation of liberty and justice for all!
Return to Freedom

Yep, all of the buildings we used to just be able to waltz right in, we get the denied sign. But as I read below, i agree with alot of others here. Who Cares? for those of you who may live near D.C., have you seen the reflecting pool on the mall?? Its down right disgusting, the only thing that its reflecting is the constant @#$% that keeps coming out of our politicians mouths on the daily bases. I could give a rats @#$% about our buildings, gimmie my @#$% country back!!! For those of you who read this and think otherwise, im independent.

Good bye America. It was nice knowing you. You sure were great once. I'm glad I'm old enough to have seen you then. It was something! Whatever this grotesque aberration is today that calls itself America, has more in common with Komrade Stalin or Herr Hitler. This is no longer America.
David Selznik

Has anyone seen my country? If you have please send it home.
Just a Man

they have won

I'm not sure which one I like best.  Wondering Soul was a good one, with his warm Muslims who cut your head off spiel.  Presumably, he wasn't speaking from personal experience, but then again, that would explain a few things.  But really, they're all pretty good. 

We're All Victims Now

Now mind you, these all came from the first page of comments I found.  I didn't go hunting for these.  The screen showed ten posts and six of them were batshit crazy.  And let me tell you, this is the saddest bunch of ragtag victims ever.  They had their country taken from them and they're desperate to get it back.  But what do they even mean by that?  What is being denied to them?  Who knows?  They never say.  It's all about how things used to be better, without a hint as to what it is they think they're actually being denied.

And that's because they can't really admit what their problem is, because it sounds so stupid.  And their real complaint is that they're not living the lives that they imagined they were promised, and now they're bitter about it because they're stuck having to live the same reality as everyone else.  They wanted to be the sports star, the cowboy, the rich guy; just like they were promised they could.  But instead, they're stuck working a shitty job so they can support their shitty wives and shitty little kids.

That's the America these bozos are pining for.  They don't care about having the right to discriminate or tell sexist jocks.  What they want is their dreams.  They want to be the winning quarterback.  They want to be Dirty Harry.  They want to be the hero, yet they're just extras.  They were assured that there was something special about them, and they want the shiny new America back; the one they were imagined they were promised so long ago.

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