Thursday, April 08, 2010

What a Fool Believes

To follow-up my last post, I was reading about wingnut Gregory Giusti and his mother's suggestion that Fox News and other radicals were the likely source for Giusti's anger against Nancy Pelosi, and just wanted to note how weird it is that this isn't happening more. 

I mean, if you were to take even half the things these people are saying seriously, why wouldn't you be threatening lawmakers?  I mean, if you thought the government was seriously intent on taking our liberties and destroying our country, you shouldn't just threaten lawmakers, but actually attack them.  That'd just be self-defense.  And if this was really happening, we'd all be joining in, not just conservatives.  Because as I've said before, we don't have a different vision of what America should be; just a different set of facts.  Fortunately for all of us, the conservative "facts" are wrong.

And that's what puts the lie to Beck, Limbaugh, and their followers; because they're not suggesting we even threaten lawmakers with violence, let alone commit violence against them.  It's all just a rhetorical game for them, even for the rubes on the street.  Sure, they're angry, but they're angry because that's what they do.  And it's only the oddball kook like Giusti who isn't in on the joke and really believes this stuff. 

Not that they'd ever admit to not believing it, but deep down, they all know they're playing a game here.  And that's why they've forgotten completely how much they hated Clinton when he was president, and now see this commie radical liar as a mainstream figure who had many admirable traits.  And by 2026, after the glow of Obama's two terms finally wears off, they'll have another batch of Democrats to hate; not because they believe any of the hype, but because hating Democrats is what they do. 

And you'll have a few oddballs, like Giusti and that guy who climbed over the Whitehouse fence to see Clinton, who take the rhetoric a little too seriously and remind us of what someone would do if they really believed any of this nonsense.  The rest of them are just looking for something to bitch about.

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