Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Newt

Regarding some mainstream conservatives’ desire to publicly speak of undoing the First Amendment (via Greenwald), I say “MORE PLEASE!”.  Especially Newt Gingrich.  I betcha his own grandmother hates him.  And if she doesn’t, I’m sure she’d want to.  It was hard to realize back in the day that Newt’s SOB routine was as obviously repellent to the rest of the country as it was for us, because he just seemed so powerful back then and just wouldn’t shut-up.  But it turns out that the more he speaks, the more he offends people, and I now just can’t get enough of the guy.  Especially about harebrained schemes involving curtailing the First Amendment.  Those are the best.  Just as long as I don’t have to listen.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a smart, smart man; but he’s just pushing down the wrong track.  He clearly knows how to make a powerplay and gather his forces to go strong, but he just can’t appreciate that he needs to be a background guy and not the lead player.  It’d be best for them all if he’d can the whole political thing and try more for the elder statesmen thing; at least publicly.  Let him pull what strings he might possibly have on the inside, though really, I suspect that his only real strength was his ability to talk tough, but that was always his biggest weakness too.  So it’s likely that he has to go public because he doesn’t have anyone else who will do it for him.

Hell, even his name is repellent.  Newt Gingrich.  That says total bad guy all the way.  It’s almost enough to be a Professional Wrestler’s name.  Or maybe his bad guy manager.  But whoever he is, people aren’t going to like him.  He’ll have his supporters, to be sure.  But it’s doubtful that even they really like him.  And he’s probably well aware of that.  It’s doubtful he even likes himself.  The bad guys never do.  That’s why they’re bad guys.

And let’s not forget that Newt is trying to position himself as a player in the upcoming presidential election.  Not to win, but to stir things to the right.  And I’m all for that too.  The more people remember that Newt’s a Republican, the more they remember why they hate Republicans.  Bush has now become a real albatross for the GOP, but Newt’s a classic that will never go out of style.  

And as for the rest of those potty-mouthed Constitution-haters, they can bring it on also.  I’m all for it.  This is some stupid shit they’re spewing, and they’ve already been in the stupid shit doghouse for years.  This might have had some weight in the months after 9/11, but this is just going to piss-off most people now.  And really, isn’t the greatest irony of all this that the people trying to undo free speech are themselves undone by their own free speech?  And that they should be practicing the speech limitations they’d like forced on others?  As I’ve said before, everyone is their own worst enemy, and these guys have got one formidable enemy.

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