Saturday, May 07, 2011

A World of Burnouts

What amazes me most about this video is not that this man did this strange thing.  No, people do strange things all the time and there's nothing particularly impressive about it.  What amazes me here is that all the other people seemed to know what to expect from him, and knew the rules of it.  Like they do this sort of thing all the time.  They even had some sort of cage setup, as well as referees and staff to facilitate the whole thing, so this was clearly well thought out ahead of time.

At the end, one man proudly exclaims "We have a winner."  And no one seemed to dispute that.  No one was like, "Wait a minute, you haven't heard my burnout, yet."  No, everyone seemed to be in agreement that what this man did was simply the best at whatever it is they're trying to do. And he was drinking a beer, no less.  As the man says, it's not as easy as it looks; yet this guy makes it look so easy.

And of course, the title of this YouTube video is: THE BEST bad ass Harley burnout - no comparison - with a beer, so it seems that yet another person has the capability of judging burnouts, in such a way that they can positively identify this as the BEST, I can only assume that they're right.  Make sure to put it in full-screen and crank up the speakers.  It's Harley time. I mistaken, or are all these people breathing in rubber-smoke?  Is it not the burning rubber that's making all that smoke?  And if it is, isn't that obscenely dangerous for all those people to be inhaling for so long?  And might that explain why they all seemed so burnt out?  I mean, really.

That said, I will admit, it was a pretty impressive burnout.  Not that I have anything to compare it to, but it was still pretty cool.

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