Sunday, May 22, 2011

Childlike Delusions of a Smug Political Preacher

I wanted to follow-up on my previous post about hate-filled "preacher" Bradlee Dean, and his political prayer to Minnesota legislators, as Dean has now addressed this "prayer" on his radio show by saying that he wasn't attacking Obama.

Rather, he was addressing something Obama has done while insisting that our country has gone off the rails and is doomed to fail unless we embrace conservativism; yet because he didn't address Obama by name, it doesn't count as an attack on Obama, though he's still attacking Obama for the same reason.

As TPM reports:
At one point, a caller from Minneapolis challenged Dean to admit he was, in fact, referring to Obama. "That's splitting hairs," Dean responded.
"I didn't say we weren't a Christian nation, Obama did," Dean said. "If you want to point the finger at someone denying Christianity in our country, you might want to talk to Obama about it, because I didn't say it."
Of course.  It's our lying eyes that are the problem, and if we don't like the attack he gave on Obama, then we need to attack Obama for it.

Code Words for Dummies

And that's one of the funniest things about these bozos: They're so stupid that they somehow imagine we can't read between the lines when they're using their barely hidden code language to say outrageous things. It's like someone insulting us in Pig Latin, unaware that Pig Latin isn't complicated and we understood every word they said.  And so they act indignant that we called them out for what they said, because they refuse to believe we could possibly have comprehended what they did.

Racists do that all the time, and truly imagine we're wrong for calling them racist because we couldn't possibly have decoded their secret racist attacks.  So when they insist that they're "color blind" and don't notice race, and use that to justify attacks on people who are discriminated against; we're wrong for calling them racist and must be racist ourselves.  After all, they're "color blind," they insist.  And their attacks on black people they don't know are based entirely upon the unknown black person's ignorant laziness, and not the color of their skin.  I mean hey, some of their friends are black...not that they noticed or anything.

Similarly, their attacks on Mexicans are because they're lazy parasites stealing our jobs and getting free handouts which aren't available to us hardworking Americans.  Again, not that they noticed the color of the people doing this, but we all know what they look like and they're not like us.  All hail the mighty code words!

It's like a child insisting he didn't eat the missing pie, unaware that his face is covered with pie filling.  Sadly, some people are simply so stupid that they can't possibly fathom how much dumber they are than everyone else; and imagine they've gotten away with something even whilst we attack them for what they did.  As it turns out, cleverness isn't for everyone.

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