Sunday, March 06, 2011

Obama Defies Caricaturization

Carpetbagger has a post highlighting how rightwing freak Michele Bachmann (R-Crazytown) attacks Obama for running a "gangster government," while also attacking him for being too weak.  As he notes, it can't be both.

But of course, we saw this whole "Obama is too tough and too weak" thing  back in 2008, when Hillary Clinton's people were making the same argument: Insisting that Obama wasn't tough enough to fight Republicans, while also insisting that his attacks on Hillary were too harsh. And the real problem is that Obama is smarter than his opponents and continues to make political moves they can't comprehend.

Does he always win every battle? No. Does every maneuver he makes work? No.  But, he doesn't fall into political traps or adopt positions he can't easily defend. And as frustrating as that can be for those on the left who want to see him take bolder positions, it's far more frustrating for his opponents, as he gives them so little to work with.

Had Obama adopted many of the bolder liberal positions he's often attacked from on the left for not adopting, freaks like Bachmann would have something real to complain about and their attacks could gain traction. But as it is, they keep attacking a strawman as Obama defies all their best efforts at caricaturing him.

And that's why he's still more popular than his opponents will ever be, and why he looks to be a shoo-in for re-election.  Yes, it helps that the Republican field is so paltry, but that's mainly because Obama has set the bar so damn high.

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