Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breaking News: John Bolton Still Around

Looking over Yahoo headlines and saw Ex-UN Ambassador: Obama Not Qualified as President, and thought "Hmm, I wonder what that's about."

But then I saw the lead paragraph:
DES MOINES, Iowa – Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton says President Barack Obama isn't qualified to lead the country.
And I'm like, "John Bolton doesn't like Obama?  This is news because..."

I mean, seriously.  This is neo-freak John Bolton, for christ's sake.  There's not even a good reason anyone's even listening to this bozo, let alone taking his criticism of Obama seriously.  And in Iowa of all places.  Like, seriously.  John Bolton has some chance at the presidency.  I'd give better odds to a hobo off the street. 

The fact that Republicans are still stuck with creepers like Bolton hanging around is proof of how inept they truly are.  They needed to shuffle that guy off to academia a long time ago and burned all the bridges in between.  And the party is stinking with them.  John Bolton, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, please.  Retire these people.  They are all stones around the neck of anyone associated with them.  It'd be like forming an NFL team entirely based on Hall of Fame players who went broke and need the money.  Yeah, they might have been good in their time, but that time was a long time ago and these people are now an embarrassment.

Of course, the only new Republicans who can gain traction these days are freakshows like Palin and Bachmann; but at least the media knows these people are lightweight entertainers.  They still listen to Gingrich and Cheney as if they know something; despite the fact that they're not only unelectable but can't even be hired by people who are electable. 

And Bolton.  Jesus christ, John Bolton.  Why anyone would want this guy associating with them is beyond me.  It's a new day, yet not only are Republicans going with a Greatest Hits release, they're culling it from some of their biggest disgraces.  But I suppose since the GOP doesn't really have many long-term successes, outside of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, that might be the only option they have.

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