Friday, January 21, 2011

Link Blogging

While I normally only use this blog as a source of analysis I'm not seeing anywhere else and almost never as a news site posting links to other stories and blogs, there were a few interesting things I've read recently that I thought I should highlight without much comment.

First was an analysis by Ian Millhiser of the Center for American Progress, who wrote a post called Clearly Constitutional, which makes clear that the Affordable Care Act is most definintely constitutional.

Next up is a post from Richard Unger at Forbes, in which he explains why our Founding Fathers supported socialized medicine, by mandating that sailors pay a tax in order to build a government healthcare system for them to use.  And the irony here is that the main ways that this differed from our supposedly unconstituional healthcare solution is that our plan relies upon private insurers and hospitals for healthcare, rather than a purely government solution that conservatives would hate even more.

And finally, I just wanted to highlight this selection from of Promises Kept, showcasing many of the great policies we got through Congress; including repealing DADT, reforming student loans, ending many bad credit card practices, and of course, getting everyone decent healthcare. 


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