Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hating the Laws They Love

CNN has a story about how businesses which offer their employees crappy insurance plans are getting waivers from the Obama Admin allowing them to continue to offer crappy insurance plans until the insurance exchanges are set-up and we can give them real insurance. 

Without the waivers, these employers would be forced by the new healthcare law to offer real insurance now, but since that would require them to pay a lot more in premiums, they'd either have to raise their premiums or, more likely, just cut the insurance all together.  And while it'd be nice if they could get real insurance now, that's just not going to happen; so this is the next best alternative.

Now, anyone who opposes "Obamacare" should be HAPPY about this story.  Not only does it show Obama's willingness to work with businesses, but it also delays the effect of the healthcare law for these businesses.  So if you don't like the healthcare law or think Obama's a socialist dictator, this would be good news.  It'd be like us hearing that Bush was giving waivers to any soldier who didn't want to go to Iraq.

But of course, that would require these people to comprehend what they had just read, yet if they had these skills, they wouldn't oppose the law in the first place.  I mean, we're talking about a law which requires people to get a service which will be subsidized by taxpayers; and that would be a boon for any business.  As long as the money they collect actually goes towards the service they provide, there shouldn't be a problem. 

Yet all the same, these morons somehow imagine Obama is taking over the insurance industry in order to destroy it.  If that's a government takeover, Obama can take over my business any day.

Morons Speak

And so we get comments on that story like these:
"President Obama is the only leader taking comprehensive action to stop greenhouse gas emissions: He's steadily putting everyone out of work"

"this is just the beginning folks!!! you thought insurance companies were bad?!!! government is 1,000,0000 times worse!!! your gonna beg for insurance companies to come back once government puts them out of business to control your body and life!!!"

"anybody hear this on any of the major news these were the suck ups who pushed obama non care...this @#$% is wrecking our country and the news people are asleep at the more democrats and only conservative republicans...I'm sick of the government in my pocket.....go Fox news and the Wall Street Journal."

"In Socialism the state always takes. The people own nothing! Do not be shocked or surprised as they eat away at home ownership, business owners,  jobs, owning property, anything. They will take it all. We can undo some of what's been done with the next vote."

"Ok - so now we have government run healthcare. And some people are actually happy? This is so the wrong way to go. What they should do is provide incentives to private healthcare providers to provide legimate benefits to Americans."
That last one is perhaps the funniest, as they just described Obamacare.  As I'm sure you realize, it's not government-run insurance at all.  It's private insurance with subsidies from the government, with enough protections to make sure citizens won't get ripped off by bad insurance.  Yet these people are so brainwashed that they don't even realize that Obama just gave them the insurance they wanted.

The Irony of Idiots

And without a doubt, these people didn't read the story.  They saw a headline titled 1 Million Workers Lose Out on Better Coverage and immediately imagine that Obamacare must be responsible for them losing out on the better coverage. 

But of course, the better coverage they're "losing" is what Obamacare is giving them, while this story is about these workers being exempted from Obamacare.   And in fact, these people didn't "lose" anything.  They're just stuck with the same crappy insurance they had before.  The same crappy insurance Obamacare's haters want them to have.  So they're attacking Obama for being flexible and giving workers the crappy insurance Obama's haters want Obama to have left them with.  And they're too stupid to even realize it.

And so we're stuck trying to deal with millions of people who don't even know that Obamacare is doing exactly what they want it to do, while attacking Nancy Pelosi for not reading a bill that they can't even comprehend.  And the saddest part is that many of these people will NEVER understand what this bill did, and will still be complaining about Obama's government takeover of health insurance, while unwittingly benefitting from it every day.  I hate it when irony hurts.


Betsy said...

Thanks so much for posting lately. As I have said your intelligent, sensible approach often "talks me down" I laughed at the calorie posts. I have been saying this for years to anyone who would listen (which is pretty much nobody).
This last post is depressing but its not your fault. I never realized how much we expect from humanity and how little it is able to live up to it, until the last few years when I had time to pay attention to politics. I guess we are all there is and have to make the best of ourselves--I wish us luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I left you a message at IMDB a bunch of months ago, but never heard back from you, so I'm hoping I might reach you here. I publish a magazine called CINEMA SEWER, and I was wondering if I could reprint your "Things I learned from NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE" that you wrote on the imbd message board page. Can't pay you anything (since i don't make anything doing it), but I can plug your blog! Let me know if this cool.

Robin Bougie
mindseye100 *AT*
(put an @ where the *AT* is, obviously)

Doctor Biobrain said...

Wow, thanks Bougieman. Yes, please go ahead and use my list. That's awesome. I had completely forgotten about that and got a big kick out of reading it again. I actually made a few minor revisions, including switching the first two. But it's all mostly the same. You really can't screw with the perfection you get when you write drunk.

I really haven't done much in IMDB in awhile and don't think I got your message. Of course, I do have a slight issue with any suggestion that NTYTD could be part of a "cinema sewer," as I find that kind of thing to be far superior to the kind of crap that wins Oscars. But I suppose since a large part of the "plot" involved a radioactive sewer line, perhaps it's more fitting than I first realized. Thanks again for liking my stuff.

For anyone interested in reading the original, here it is: