Saturday, June 19, 2010

Totalitarians Know No Bounds

There are Muslims who want to take over the world and install their own religion as the one true religion upon all of us.  That's simply undeniable.  And were I inclined to do so, I'm sure I could find quotes of Muslims here in America who say the same thing.  They want this to be a Muslim nation based upon Muslim laws.  Somehow, this thought is supposed to scare me so badly that I'll find it acceptable for people to insult Islam and demand that Muslims be racially profiled and kicked out of the country.

And this is garbage.  Because yeah, sure, there are Muslims who want this.  But, without a doubt, there are Christians who want this too; I mean, for themselves.  They believe they have the one true religion and they're convinced that America is a Christian nation based upon Christian laws, and anyone who suggests otherwise is treacherous evil-doer intent upon destroying our great nation (Barack Obama, I'm looking at you).

And so, yeah, there are Muslims and Christians who want to make our nation in their image.  Just as there are atheists who want the same thing.  They think all religion sucks and if they could banish it, I'm sure they would.  And hey, why keep this to religion?  There are socialists and Tea Partiers who want the country for themselves, too.  And in fact, you kind find people of every race, creed, and ideology who want the world to be run the way they want it run.  So what?

What we're really seeing is that there's a certain type of person who can't stand the idea that they're stuck sharing a society with people who don't agree with them, and rather than learn to tolerate differences of opinion, they demonize their opponents and insist that their way is the only way.  And fortunately, those people are in a small minority, and the rest of us are ok living in a democracy in which we all agree to a system of lawmaking which is independent of religion or ideology. 

And so it's simply absurd to take the rants of an extremist sect within any group and try to pretend it somehow applies to the group as a whole.  And no, it's not enough to say that you aren't blaming the whole group, if you spend the bulk of your time denouncing the acts of one of these groups while ignoring the others. 

Because again, it's not a Muslim, or Christian, or atheist thing.  It's a totalitarian thing.  And if you're going to denounce the acts of totalitarians, you've got to denounce the acts of all totalitarians; and not try to pretend as if one particular group has a monopoly on totalitarianism.  They don't.

I had more to say on this, but might say it in a separate post.

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